Protocols and Formats Working Group Teleconference

05 Nov 2015


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TzviyaSiegman, Janina, MarkusGylling, Rich


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<trackbot> Date: 05 November 2015

DPUB-ARIA telcom

<scribe> agenda: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-dpub-aria/2015Nov/0000.html

tzviya: general agreement at TPAC was to publish 2PWD now, even if not perfect
... hot topic was *ref. Proposed solutions (rel and proposed terms from COGA) were essentially were shot down

Janina: COGA is in the distant future

Tzviya: rel had issues related to triples that were hall talk related to triple

Janina: recommend marking specific rels with "do not use" flags (refs)

Markus: Remind us why proposed role is considered controversial

Michael: link has role="link", and implementations may not recognize that the new roles are subclasses, just as separate roles

tzviya: from DPUB perspective, next steps are removing text indicating not to use the roles, and add flags to ref roles

michael: boiler plate WIP text should remain

Tzviya: still need to do FPWD of DPUB AAM and then add code samples for 3PWD

michael: targeting week of 16 Nov

<discussion about shift from PF to ARIA WG and how this affects CFC and call for exclusions>


rich: add note to draft that will add code samples
... DPUB AAM needs to be reviewed by ARIA WG as well

michael: aim for first week of december for DPUB AAM FPWD

rich: DPUB feedback about AAM next week

michael: when we publish, we do an announcment. Sometimes we combine announcments. Should we do 7 at once or announce in groups?

rich: separate FPWDs?

Michael: Does DPUB want a separate announcement?

tzviya: yes, it would be good for publicity for DPUB

extended descriptions

Janina: where is guidance going to come from?
... if we settle on <details>, where does decision get documented?

RIch: I don't know, but it does look like it will move forward. They are almost done. Don't need src because can include an <iframe>

Janina: It is clear that web components is further behind on implementation support than details
... web components has strong plus that don't need AT to support, but require media queries or something

markus: comes back to question of where this is defined

janina: this will lead to removing from ARIA

tzviya: perhaps this should be sample code in HTML spec (among all the other code samples) and then pointed to from a11y best practices documentation

markus: would it be helpful is this were a note?

Janina: may not need full note, but at least sample code

tzviya: who has samples?

markus: we will discuss in broader context on DPUB IG call

tzviya: Janina will coordinate next steps in APA, markus and tzviya will bring to DPUB

Summary of Action Items

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