Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference

02 Nov 2015


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Deborah_Kaplan, tzviya_siegman, Dave_Cramer, Paul, Belfanti, Markus_Gylling, Charles_LaPierre, Tim_Cole, Peter, Krautzberger, Bill_Kasdorf


<tzviya> topic is TPAC 2015 Summary

TPAC 2015 Summary

TPAC 2015 Results and Next Steps

<dkaplan3> https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m5f8774653cc62880afbc6123f0abe260

<dkaplan3> the one I posted was from one of the Ivan emails

ah, thanks

the one I pasted was for the anno group… ;)

<dkaplan3> although nobody else is there :)

<clapierre> is there something wrong with Web Ex?

<Bill_Kasdorf> Have the call-in instructions changed? I can't get in via WebEx.

<tzviya> yes, new webex

<tzviya> https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m2c99abd2f8cea21e3e3c33c9c2626eec

<tzviya> sorry, not that!

Use this URL https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m5f8774653cc62880afbc6123f0abe260

<tzviya> https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m5f8774653cc62880afbc6123f0abe260

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<trackbot> Date: 02 November 2015

<pkra> yes

<Bill_Kasdorf> I'm getting the link to the Annotation WG WebEx

Use this URL https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m5f8774653cc62880afbc6123f0abe260

<scribe> scribenick: mgylling

Tzviya: we had a number of regrets, many people are still travelling

… ivan posted minutes and I posted summaries, we are not going to go through those

<pbelfanti> I keep getting stalled at "Starting Webex" screen

… I thought what we would do today, is to go over some of the highlights

pbelfanti, when using this URL? https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m5f8774653cc62880afbc6123f0abe260

<Bill_Kasdorf> +present Bill_Kasdorf

… next TPAC will be in Portugal

… some of the big things that came out of this, there was a lot of discussion about PWP, and discussion about EPUB as well

<pbelfanti> yes, on Safari, but just got in via Chrome (usually it's the opposite)

… some questions about the interoperable core of EPUB right now, how can we design identifiers before we know about the manifest

mgylling: what manifest?

tzviya: we talked a lot about not including an explicit manifest both in EPUB and in PWP, but we dont know what will be in the package and how they can be identified

… fragment identifiers will need to wait until we know what the package

pbelfanti: what is the downside of the manifest, why eliminate?

dauwhe: duplication

pbelfanti: in order to eliminate the manifest, would the spine items have to be more explicit?

dauwhe: not necessarily, we are still thinking about it

tzviya: we’ve talked about it extensively in this group, and started to touch on it in the EPUB group, but we can talk about it more offline as well as in EPUB browser friendly

Bill_Kasdorf: the manifest has lots more information than the spine and the toc, its an explicit packing list, toc and spine dont document all the things

<pkra> i'm here

tzviya: several members of the CSS WG spent a lot of time with is, what came up over and over again, is that we need to provide more examples

… we need to be able to explain what we mean with e.g. table alignment

mgylling: this was the purpose of latinReq?

dauwhe: some other things going on here, what is the web doing badly right now, another thing they want is, the high level of detail to implement these features, such as [extremely complicated alignment example], its going to take some research to provide all the details

tzviya: we had a lengty discussion about the interplay between CSS and Math

<pkra> hehe.

<pkra> no

… pkra, you are being invited to a Houdini meeting to figure out what happens next

<Bill_Kasdorf> If it's a Houdini meeting does it mean he's in chains and has to try to escape?

pkra: accessibliity seems to be the more pressing and more lower hanging fruit right now

tzviya: we talked about POM, glazou started a CG

… and a meeting with Jake Archibald about Service Workers

DanielWeck: Jake would say that he has implemented a POC on his way back home, demonstrating how a simple ereader can get hold of content and store it in the cache to enable an offline reading experience

<tzviya> POM CG: https://www.w3.org/community/pom/

<tzviya> Jake's sample SW-based system and file: https://jakearchibald.github.io/ebook-demo/publisher-site/readme/

… during the discussions the angle at which PWP is looking at this problem [echo… ] in Readium we use SW to extract files from an archive transparently, the SW intercepts the requests for resources, the WebView is oblivious to this

… PWP is more interested in enabling this offline-first experience, to store using the Cache API that comes with SW

tzviya: our takeaway is that 1) SW may not be the best approach for the file, based on the way that it is architected, 2) based on the questions we heard asked, it sounds like it is not clear what the best way forward is for systems

… jake asked us to do some testing, he wants to know from us if it is a use case

… the action item is to continue testing

… the PWP document also needs some tweaking in SW

… on the second day we talked about education and outreach

… Karen has been working on this and we have a blog

… all IG members are encouraged to contribute in messaging

… we had a session about identifiers, we distilled some of the questions

… and a joint meeting with ARIA

… they will look at our feedback as the next step

… we also heard a bit about Web Components

… and recommending 2nd PWD of DPUB-ARIA

… in mid november

tzviya: I can put the action items into the tracker

[tzviya reads out action items]

<pkra> psyched.

<Bill_Kasdorf> I can provide contacts at OCLC who I think should be involved from the library side.]

tzviya: we need examples of better hyphenation, CSS WG needs to understand what the rules are

<Bill_Kasdorf> pharmaceutical terms are a huge hyphenation challenge

tzviya: requests to consider changing time for the weekly meeting, we will create a poll

… Daniel Glazman is trying to include not just EPUB in POM, so looking for information about other formats

… mid november is target date for 2nd PWD of DPUB-ARIA, also FPWD of the mappings

… we need more code samples in the DPUB-ARIA module

… but that can wait til third PWD

<tzviya> http://w3cmemes.tumblr.com/

<pkra> *clap*

<pkra> you're awesome.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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