GPIO Breakout

28 Oct 2015

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Ryoya_kawai(AMEI), Takashi_Toyoshima(Google), Braud_Arnaud(Orange), Kaz_Ashimrua(W3C), Anssi_Kostiainen(Intel), Tobie_Langel(Invited_Expert/Intel), Yoshiyuki_Kato(Mitsubishi), Yukio_Tada(AMEI), Moto_Ishizawa(Yahoo!_Japan), Hiroto_Inoshita(Keio), Futomi_Hatano(Newphoria), Naoki_Sekiguchi(KDDI), Noriatsu_Kudo(Mozilla), Satoru_Takagi(KDDI), Koichi_Takagi(KDDI), Sebastian_Kaebisch(Siemens), Darko_Anicic(Siemens), Johannes_Hund(Siemens), Dake_He(BlackBerry), Kensaku_Komatsu(NTT)


<stakagi> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%C2%B2C

anssi: concrete use cases?

nori: would make a movement
... shows architecture
... people use several platforms but all of them different OSs
... on the other hand, if we use web apps, we can write the code just once

anssi: that is the missing point usual OSs have

tobie: what is the benefit of using Johnny 5?
... why using such a heavy runtime?
... just for showing the screen?

nori: this architecture is proposed by IoT forum (picture)

(Software Architecture (Draft))

nori: sensors don't have strong computing power
... for embedded computing, you could use specific sensors
... but you can reuse CHIRIMEN for multiple purposes

WoT Device by CHIRIMEN (Naoki Sekiguchi)

(explains the slides)

naoki: low level API using Web I2C and Web GPIO

anssi: does this mean that the developer need to know the sensor's characteristics?

naoki: currently various devices with display
... CHIRIMEN board can work in a standalone manner
... in some case, I want to control the device directly
... not via Web or another device
... in that case, if we have a server like Node.js
... we can use server side scripts

nori: can translate

kaz: Anssi meant the lower part sensors. right?

anssi: yes
... there is one implementation strategy like Generic Sensor API

johannes: how to access the low-level sensor using generic api?

anssi: so that's actually a JS library
... constraint with a set of sensors?

tobie: big device company might be interested to provide that

nori: freedom of touching "everything" is the keyword here

anssi: portability?
... is that out of scope?

nori: only the web is the current target

johannes: sandbox + a set of APIs for security purposes

tobie: yes, the next question is how to handle security
... my understanding on what BT guys do is
... take control over sensors on the network
... no longer accessible from the origin
... do you have any strategy?

nori: a lot of discussion
... running on FirefoxOS

tobie: so reusing the security model of FirefoxOS

nori: yes
... need to extend the security model for Web pages as well
... that's in our focus

tobie: can talk with different sensors at once?
... multiple apps can talk with at the same timing?

nori: let's talk about that later

tobie: real use case?
... a bunch of use cases?

nori: e.g., digital signage

tobie: specific app domain for this?
... WoT machine?

nori: please come to the demo booth
... within the main hall B

johannes: so far FirefoxOS
... do you have another version of sandbox + JS?

nori: some people don't require screens
... but HTML5 and browser is a nice UI
... on the other hand, Arduino kind of devices have poor UI capability
... currently we're focus on screen devices

ken: screen+touch like smartphone?

nori: yes
... the air conditioner I/F on the wall has poor interface capability

anssi: right
... in the future, IoT devices will have some sort of screens

nori: browsers have accessibility functions as well
... e.g., text reader

anssi: much harder requirements for that
... it can run a default stack

satoru: according to Moore's law we'll have strong capability with board computers

darko: discovery?
... how to discover sensors?

naoki: implemented by Monohm

<stakagi> http://sensible.io/

<stakagi> http://mono.hm/

naoki: mDNS using socket API

anssi: discover where and download library

ken: what about things discovery?

naoki: expose URI using mDNS
... sensors access the CHIRIMEN board via HTTP

tobie: in order to talk with sensors you need to know what kind of the sensor it is

ryoya: the application inside the CHIRIMEN knows about the sensors?

nori: from this point, would mention how web developers access devices using this

tobie: so the app developer has to know about devices?
... how device information is handled on the CHIRIMEN board?

(some discussion)

kaz: so currently the CHIRIMEN apps developer is exactly the same guy who develop the sensor itself
... so he knows the sensor's characteristics

(got it)


koichi: had discussions and got comments on security, etc.

-> https://github.com/MozOpenHard/examples/tree/master/wotplugfest2015

<naokis_> https://github.com/MozOpenHard/examples/tree/master/wotplugfest2015

<stakagi> https://github.com/mozopenhard

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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