28 Oct 2015

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chunming, bert, liam, anqing, Varun_Singh, @@, Jia_Jiangtao


<scribe> scribe: chunming

item 1: what data format is supported now , in datavis tools?

scribe: JSON-based format, file-based, SVG
... XML document
... link data
... m*m matrix
... D3 is really hard to link with SVG, and other impl.

item 2: implementation/rendering of visualization method

scribe: 2d canvas, SVG, OpenGL/WebGL, ...
... changing type of visulization

Item 3: data

scribe: data table to represent data
... for example, bar-chart, pie chart, ... use XML data table
... another example is : chart to showing the relationships with diff node
... key is indicating the name, and an array linked with the key shows the relations.

Item 4: Stylings of the data visulization

scribe: seems that it is on the diff layer. but may share some of the style semantics

Item 5: support different data visualization method, examples:

scribe: http://www.visualcomplexity.com
... http://vis.pku.edu.cn

Item 6: what we do is not Art, but the common formats behind the art

Item 7: is there req for standard ways of interaction with a DV method

scribe: need to give an ontology to identify the possible interactions.
... doing more analysis to get the common pattern of interactions, and make it as the basis.

Item 8: do we considerating the rendering into speech, or other channel?

scribe: currently no.
... but might related to WAI, accessibility of data visulization.
... show the example of screen reading on SVG.
... math formulor

Item 9: Requirement of Big Data Analysis

scribe: Streaming data visualization (like sensor data)
... Big Data Sets (several GB or TB size), how Web apps visit these data, and do visulization.

Summary of Action Items

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