27 Aug 2015


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Tzviya Siegman


title: DPUB-ARIA TF Weekly

tzviya: DPUB will sent feedback on http://www.w3.org/2015/08/extended-description-analysis to Michael (if any) by Monday

rich: ongoing conversations with MS about Edge a11y issues
... there is no investment in IE11. It is being deprecated. ARIA is dropping column mapping to IE11.
... there is a combo of MS active a11y and UI Automation in IE
... Edge uses UI Automation as there mobile browsers do
... UIA has client side and server side
... I will work on DPUB-AAM with Joseph

janina: question about matrix http://www.w3.org/2015/08/extended-description-analysis
... george asked to include item about implementation complexity / what publishers will not accept

rich: it seems that publishers will not accept scripting, but they do for assessments. Why?

tzviya: publishers are not the ones that do not support scripting. It is specific platforms that will not accept scripting.
... Text book platforms are more likely to support scripting. General reading systems are far less likely.
...Examples: ibooks supports limited scripting. Kindle supports no scripting. All related to security issues.
... Many systems are working toward more scripting support. The security concerns are not going away.

Janina: Is it clear from the matrix what works without AT involvement, what works natively?

tzviya: I don't think that's clear

Janina: if we do coalesce on <details>, we do have an extension mechanism that would get this in before HTML 5.1

ivan: would be very good to include a column that indicates whether AT is needed as well as a column indicating whether JS is needed

janina: all need for extension is a second implementation


Rich: may run into problems when exposing strings
... now, we indicate "Expose as text string 'chapter' in AriaRole." the string "chapter" could present conflicts
... if we put the string "dpub-chapter", would want "dpub" disregarded
... could also affect navigation
... We also need to know if will use posinset, etc from ARIA
... not all components will be in DOM all the time

MAtt: could be useful, don't know how widely it will be used

RIch: if it's optional, what happens if it's not in place?

tzviya: how is that usually handled in ARIA?

rich: UA computes it, which could be problematic
... because it is based on DOM

Matt: it will always be position 1 or 1

rich: so, this could be detremental

tzviya: what is next step?

rich: trying to lock down several things by end of year
... let's lock down the roles in DPUB ARIA


tzviya: we will add 10 or so roles to DPUB-ARIA

Rich: is there anything to add to master spec?

ivan: if we do that, won't we open ourselves up to the same issues that we faced a few months ago?

rich: is it confusing to publishers to have some terms with prefix, some terms without?

tzviya: based on past discussion, i think markus would prefer to avoid fracturing the vocabulary

rich: there is nothing to prevent people from using dpub- on a website

janina: the worst that will happen is that dpub-glossary works the same as glossary

tzviya: we are trying to avoid people looking at 3 different specs when preparing files
... by next week we will get back to this group about whether to move some terms to core, get started on additional terms to ARIA
... and we are targeting end of year for DPUB-ARIA and DPUB AAM

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