31 Jul 2015

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Gerorge, Kersher, Jason, White, Mia, Lipner, Deborah, Kaplan


<scribe> scribe: clapierre

George, did everyone get the formal email from Unina Sika (chair PF)

…, I forwarded her formal email to everyone

…, Janina Sajka

…, Would it be possible for Dpub to resubmit with actual examples

that illustrate verbally how this mechanism allows alternative access to

image content?

<dkaplan3> Janina's request: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-dpub-aria/2015Jul/0021.html

mia, we could actual find some stl file out there to show this where the image can link out to a aria-describedat link to the stl file.

george, we have diagrammer and image test book

george, we have this all up on the diagrammer website.

…, poet and toby produce diagrammer output

…, add xlt transfers on it.

…, we have all different use cases in Diagrammer

…, we give the water cycle example

…, we have until the 13th to get this done.

…, links are missing on the diagrammer website, we will investigate getting this back up

…, I will send out a link to you all that shows this water cycle example in Diagrammer

mia, wasn't she also asking the user experience.

deborah, from ARIA you can expose things that are not exposed to AT

…, we want to make sure that this is not only accessible from screen readers.

george, this is the same with the ARIA DPUB semantics that is proposed..

…, The question about the UI…

deborah, will drop Janina a question for clarification on UX issues she raised.

george, does poet store the descriptions in the Diagrammer?

charles, not sure will find out and get back to you.

charles, I am on vacation until Aug 11, and will be available after that for preping for the meeting on the 13th.

A11Y DPUB Note

deborah, people took assignments for the Note

…, tzviya did some of hers

…, I added some work around dropcap

…, tzviya added some work around list heads

…, my question is: people critiquing the DPUB specific aria roles

…, why not used Label and LabelledBy… if there is a good reason we should write that down.

mia, navigatability

george, what is our DPUB name? ListHeads?

…, knowing this is a heading or a list is extreamly useful.

…, publishers have asked for this in the past.

…, we don't want to add Header 4, 5, 6etc..

mia, how are thing doing this now? are they using labelled by on web?

georege, usually paragraphs or divs.

deborah, quick search UL aria-label only 2300

…, UL aria-labelledby

george, the head element is used to store metadata. So using "head" is confusing on the web.

mia, we could use heading or header…

george, so if you have letter A in a glossary then B with its list (A and B are list heads)

mia, and a lot of places are using using <Hx>

…, css and styling can do this but semantically it doesn't make sense.

deborah, this is not a digital publishing problem but a web problem.

…, there is no way from getting from chunk to chunk.

…, lists need to be described either onscreen / off screen.

george, this sounds like a potential addition to the DPUB ARIA vocabulary.

deborah, from our last meeting. Tzviya also talked about nested headers.

…, charles will work on adding words to Diagrammar

…, george we have you working on skip-ability and excape-ablility.

deborah, will contact Markus about annotations

deborah, phonetic spelling and dropcap. I have not addressed positional information

…, I will add a note regarding MathML.

…, we should be thinking about MusicML

george, sent this to dancing dots and others. They all joined that group and will keep George posted.

deborah, and we should add any future standards to note (eg. chemML) and generalize it beyond

george, we have MathML, music vocab, chem vocab. we need a broader way to keep apprised of new vocabs.

deborah, I don't see in the minutes. would love for someone to take this on. Contact Mark Hakkenin, assessments are being addressed.

jason, I guess you would just want IMS, it is all in flux at the moment on the direction it will take. Interactions with HTML, obviously web components, HTML data components. Mark and on other is going to work on the IMS group being formed. This new group will be dealing with various issues with XML in HTML. No one is talking about any ARIA extensions, but it may lead to that as things progress.

deborah, we are concerned about from a standards perspective and how do reading systems change.

jason, are user interface controls are efficient, the exercises may be interactive, and there is a question that the widgets are IMS web-componets. if they use data-components that could be more complicated.

deborah, we want to know when decisions are added which affects standards for accessibility. Eg. limited times for online tests, and how to control that time from admin people.

jason, that could be in user preferences, someone could approve the profile to extend someones time.

…, tool to process this widget would need to honor the profile.

mia, what solution is being recommended from whom

deborah, I wonder if we can have someone from DPUB in IMS or vice versa.

jason, anything in IMS regarding accessibility is public.

mia, I would be willing to be a liaison with a person from Person who will be on the IMS group

deborah, someone needs to write up some sentences regarding this.

jason, once this group is established I will send out the URI's to either deborah, charles or the public group.

mia, will write up some a couple notes on this for the Note in the meantime.

george, charles is not here next week someone needs to sent out announcement / scribe etc.

deborah, I will look into recording the webex and transcribe after.

Summary of Action Items

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