23 Jul 2015

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Tzviya_Siegman, Janina, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, Peter, Krautzberger, MichaelC


title: DPUB-ARIA TF Meeting


rich: I can help out with authoring

Joseph asked whether strings in DPUB-AAM should include "dpub-"

Rich: It makes sense for the string to be "chapter" not "dpub-chapter"
... but we might run into conflicts with other extensions
... We need to have a conversation with Microsoft, because this will be a problem only with UIA

meeting to support describedat

tzviya: working on gathering publishers of all types
... the AAP statement from 2011 predates describedat

rich: work with Steve F and html TF to support describedat

Janina: want to include describedat may be sufficient

Tzviya: Publishers may not be able to include describedat from the outset, but may commit to doing it soon

Janina: What if AT supports instead of browsers?

tzviya: I think that should be OK. The only issue would be if there are issues that affect display
... For book publishers, we can broaden browsers to reading systems
... remember that reading systems are based on the same engines as browsers
... There will be no meeting next week, 30 July

<pkra> sorry, my VOIP connection broke down and I'm unable to reconnect :-(

Summary of Action Items

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