HTML Media Task Force Teleconference

14 Jul 2015


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<trackbot> Date: 14 July 2015

<scribe> Scribenick: paulc

New MSE bugs

Bug 28877 - [MSE] Ambiguous behaviour when running the range removal algorithm


Filed by Mozilla

Matt: This bugs seems to align with our bugs a track buffer
... I will check this and determine if the spec needs to be changed.
... This is part of the track buffer set and it seems to be possibily related to the "range removal" bugs. See later in these minutes

There are two editorial bugs

Bug 28881 - [MSE] Period instead of comma


Bug 28882 - [MSE] Space before period


Matt: These are assigned to me and they do look editorial

ISSUE-5 - Seekable differs from non-MSE behavior


Jerry: I am not sure what they are saying. Is there actually a difference between MSE and the Safari behaviour.

Matt: May be related to a previous bugzilla bug.

Could the related bug be: Bug 28822 - [MSE] Spec is ambiguous as to event behavior of an explicit MediaSource duration of +Infinity


Matt: ISSUE-5 is related to this.

Jerry: The difference could be MSE goes from zero to highest end time by the buffered attribute and they are proposing a sliding window.

Matt: 28822 is probably different.

Who is this assigned to?

Jerry: It is not assigned currently.

Matt: I will take this one and further dialogue is needed.

Jerry: I will help.

Bugs 27980

Bug 27980 - [MSE] Ambiguous behaviour when running sourcebuffer.abort()


Matt: My proposal is in https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=27980#c5
... What is Netflix doing?

Mark: I will look into your question and will get back to you?

Matt: I will put together a pull request to match this proposal and we can discuss that.

We also need to hear back from Mozilla.

Matt; I will wait for Mark to respond, then do the PR if it is okay and then check with Mozilla.

Also related is Bug 27982 - Clarify asynchronicity in duration change algorithm when reducing duration


There was a reference on Jun 30 to a third related bug but I have not found it.

See also 28877 https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=28877 noted above

Matt: Third related bug is Bug 28557 - Coded frame removal algorithm may introduce discontinuity at end of current coded frame group


Next meeting

MSE will be discussed in two weeks on Jul 28

Adjourned at :27 after the hour.

Summary of Action Items

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