09 Jul 2015


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tzviya_siegman, Janina, Peter, Krautzberger, MattGarrish, Michael_Cooper, ShaneM


webex: https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=mf2cde14c5140de2a3a9a333212ab1cc9

tzviya: published FPWD with the questions
... we will shop this to DPUB and IDPF

Michael: the questions are pro forma, no need to formally answer these questions

tzviya: what about integration with ARIA documentation and picking up some terms in ARIA master?

janina: work with RIch


scribe: and michael set up email for issues as well

<pkra> https://github.com/w3c/aria/labels/dpub ?

scribe: will add tzviya and ivan so that we can add to GH

<pkra> just a more precise link (in case my audio is horrible)

<MichaelC> DPub ARIA comments list archive

janina: process of resolving issues
... when do we deal with comments that come in
... it is up to TF to decide whether to deal with comments as they arrive or deal with comments in bulk as one comment may affect another
... group needs to consider issues and resolve formally, inform commentor about decision
... commentor can escalate to formal objection if desire

tzviya: i would prefer to deal with the issues that already exist because they have already been resolved in existing draft

michael: caution - avoid closing issues too early because a contradictory issue may come later that requires re-opening a closed issues

janina: target is written response, perhaps an email

ivan: what is relatinship bw github issues and email responses?

michael: you want people to freely discuss issues on GH, but need official group response on GH
... if issue is migrated from comment tracker, someone should send that from tracker

ivan: in another WG (CSV on the web), we decided to migrate things to GH
... there is a good labelling system.

Tomorrow is our first transition request, and we'll see if PLH accepts with just GH

michael: I would like to preserve the formal WG consensus response

ivan: that is good, but we should also put that in the GH response

tzviya: issue management will be on GH, consensus discussion as usual, email to be sent for archive, link to email in GH


michal: we may need to engage people working on core mapping
... Rich, Joseph, Fred Esch
... and others

Janina: we have worked on this before, and the people who work on the docs are the devs

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to say recruit AAPI person here, or send someone to #AAPI group

michael: talking w some of these people will give an idea of how to proceed
... but it will depend on some knowledge of a11y mappings
... so, we should invite them to this meeting, and someone from this meeting should join Joseph's A11y API meeting

ivan: what is best path?

janina: best path is rich
... it might be a good start to ask Joseph to join this call

tzviya: I'll invite Joseph to join next week's call, and adjsut timing if need be

michael: for prep, look at the core accessibility API mappings

<MichaelC> Core-AAM

ivan: if a role does not define explicit mapping, does the superclass mapping apply?

michael: the taxonomy is more of a design aid than a parent class
... it would be best to copy the properties and indicate what we've done

ivan: I ask because mike smith indicated that if we create 200 new definitions, it will be very difficult to implement

michael: my recollection is that this was from a validator, not implementor perspective
... basic definitions are fairly straightforward

<Zakim> ShaneM, you wanted to talk about aliasing

Shane: James C commented some time ago. Implemenintg roles that are essentially aliases of existing roles is pretty easy.
... as long as we don't get into states and properties, we are OK

Janina: my recollection is that prefix resolves validation issues

tzviya: we will hopefully begin AAM work next week
... can we deal with pre-FPWD issues in GH?

ivan: it would be useful to milestone these issues and indicate that these are pre-FPWD

michael: indicate that these issues rely on other issues, so they are all closed

ivan: can put as many labels as want to in GH

michael: will go through michael or to create dpub prefixed labels

<ivan_> https://help.github.com/articles/searching-issues/

tzviya: most of the issues that exist are related to the ARIA extension that did not yet exist
... if we just point to the ARIA extenions mechanism, is that OK?

ivan: devil's advocate - see issue 50 https://github.com/w3c/aria/issues/50
... this is about control of vocabulary, is this covered by extension mechanism?

shane: yes, because the mechanism discusses the socializing of the terms

tzviya: consider opening issues list for extension mechanism

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