25 Jun 2015

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Tzviya_Siegman, markus_gyllinh, Matt_Garrish, Michael, Ivan, Janina


put out CfCs, positive responses so far

michael will work on status section

mc: status section will mention that this is published by PF with advice from DPUB
... is an ARIA extension, perhaps point to wiki
... seeking feedback
... may ask specific questions
... such as hyphenspace issue
... may need feedback from DPUB ARIA TF
... need to review abstract especially

current draft: https://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/af35e78947e1ef43229fed197ce01cdc79fdbc3b/aria/dpub.html

mc: still need to update with agreed on definition of ARIA extension

JS: we never formalized definition of extension, and maybe we should
... this is the time to get specific questions from DPUB side into the status section

IH: the model for future of extensions of the model and its extensions is the main issue

JS: perhaps we need to state outright that this list is susceptible to further extension

MC: at some point, it might be useful to mention how we expect this list to evolve

IH: this is only FPWD, so we can clarify later
... We don't need to spell this out now, but it will be important to clarify extension mechanism at some point for groups like IDPF
... perhaps put an empty "TBD" section in the document?

MC: it is acceptable in FPWD to have TBD or one sentence hook in FPWD

IH: will you try to add that?
... It is expected that the publishing community will add terms in the future. It is not clear what the mechanism for adding them at this point

JS: I hesitate to add this because it might slow us down
... if you won't forget about it, then I don't think we should put it in

IH: we won't forget about it

MC: it's awkward that ARIA group is de facto maintainer of these roles. With prefix, this is a little more lax
... let's wait until next draft to add this in
... I'll create a new draft for TR but I won't merge to master yet
... I've been targeting July 14

discussion of timelines

mc: I will try to get this to Judy this week
... I need the list of questions from this group to lead with

IH: THE question is Can we live with the hyphen?

mc: is this a full list of terms?

TS: no, these represent basic content structure. We haven't approached concepts like assessments and education terms. Those will be added as a later module or additions to this module
... we will likely get a request to show more robust examples, but we can add that later

JS: to set expectations - we need to respond to all comments formally
... we need to either agree, disagree

mc: comments go to the #PF mailing list

IH: I have bad experience with mixing comments from different sources
... can we request one, ideally GitHub issues list?

MC: i think we need to offer a mailing list, but we can say that we prefer the GH tracker

JS: GH will be canonical, and someone will be responsible for transferring email issues to GH

IH: we should create a DPUB label in GH

MC: it may fall to me to copy comments to GH

IH: I can help

MC: We can also set up comments just for DPUB

JF: how long do we leave this open for comment?

IH: it's open for comment until it becomes TR


MC: I always put in a date so that we can put out new versions

IH: We run it until we are done with comments, then we run a new draft, then do last call
... timing can vary. It should take about 6 months
... We can say work is done and look for implementations

<MichaelC> DPub ARIA Comments List

TS: it sounds like we don't need a date except to set expectations for ourselves

MC: PF usually sets dates

IH: set a date after summer, 1 Sep

JS: put it to friday of that week
... which is 11 Sep

mc: I have what I need for transition request

JS and TS will send CfC responses to Michael on Monday morning

next steps?

no meeting next week

9 July begin dealing with issues on FPWD or begin discussions on mapping

mc: adding 1.0 to doc titlte

Summary of Action Items

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