Automotive WG Editors' call

16 Jun 2015

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Paul, Jorg, Junichi, Kaz, QingAn, Wonsuk, Ted


QingAn asks the way W3C Editors work

Wonsuk explains it briefly

wonsuk: leads the group's editing work
... provides sentences and ask the group for opinions
... if there is no objection, we apply the text
... some of the group can lead to generate the spec
... it would be great if some of the editors provide initial text
... and some of them provide comments

qingan: what if we have multiple editors?

wonsuk: good comment
... when we edit some part of the spec
... we can assign specific sections to each editor
... while editor A is editing section A, editor B can edit section B
... only one editor edits his/her assigned part
... others can review it

qingan: make sense

paul: so different editors edit different parts
... the issue is how do you know agreement on merging all the changes
... the changes should be provided for call for review
... "github issues" is a good mechanism

wonsuk: ok
... one thing I'd say is
... some of the editors work on some part of the spec
... we need to know who is the expert for which section
... how can we assign reviewers for which parts

paul: we have QingAn, Wonsuk, Justin, Kevin and Adam
... we used to have two editors
... they basically had discussion among the editors
... seems to me the spec is big enough
... could be broken up
... might want to think about that option

wonsuk: it might be confusing to make slices of the spec
... QingAn and myself can coordinate with each other
... and work with the other editors
... we can start with that way
... we can change the approach later if needed
... so only QingAn and myself merge the changes as the coordinators

ted: whatever the group would do is fine
... good to have issues and mailing list discussion

kaz: making consensus on the github issues and the mailing list would be less confusing given we have multiple editors

paul: three of the editors are from similar time zone
... also Kevin and Adam are from UK
... editors from each group should work together
... can deligate each other

wonsuk: ok by me
... if I couldn't join some of the meetings
... or if QingAn couldn't join
... we can communicate with each other and share the information

paul: ok
... we can use the minutes to share the information as well
... the main thing here is making consensus beforehand

wonsuk: Kevin wants to be an active editor
... which is welcome
... if we have one or two more editors that's fine
... we can align with each other

paul: some mechanism like that would work

wonsuk: ok

paul: will send the policy to the group list
... would see what would happen
... any other comments?

wonsuk: question to Ted
... you're editing the editor's draft for publication
... after the publication, can I change the document status from "Working Draft" to "Editor's Draft"?

ted: we can use another branch for that purpose
... but we can simply change the document itself
... we can have feedback for publication
... published version is located on the W3C server under the /TR area
... can use branches to manage multiple versions
... depending on the group's need

wonsuk: we just make an editor's draft
... and published version is installed under the /TR area

ted: working drafts are to be published every 3-4 months
... we can have two separate branches, one for editor's draft and another for publication
... we can get comments to older versions as well

wonsuk: how many WGs already use the automatic publication option?

ted: HTML WG is a big example

wonsuk: ok

paul: anything else?


[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

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