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19 May 2015

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David_Booth, Peter_Hendler, Tony_Mallia, Rob_Hausam, Marc_Twagirumukiza, vassil, Kerstin_Forsberg, Rafael_Richards
David Booth


<trackbot> Date: 19 May 2015

Side-by-side example of two FHIR RDF approaches (Tony Mallia)

<dbooth> http://wiki.hl7.org/images/2/25/FHIR_RDF_Sample_side_by_side_comparisons.pdf

<dbooth> http://wiki.hl7.org/images/2/25/FHIR_RDF_Sample_side_by_side_comparisons.pdf

<dbooth> zakim ??P2 is Marc

<Marc_Twagirumukiza> Zakim ??P2 is Marc_Twagirumukiza

<dbooth> scribe: rhausam

<dbooth> http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=File:FHIR_RDF_Sample_side_by_side_comparisons.pdf

<dbooth> http://wiki.hl7.org/images/2/25/FHIR_RDF_Sample_side_by_side_comparisons.pdf

rob: brief report from Paris meeting - will do full de-briefing next time

david: will go to Tony's side by side comparison

tony: first section about datatypes
... Github and subgroup examles for Coding

<dbooth> line 25 where it says ".coding" that will be a data-instance-specific URI?

<dbooth> sorry, the .coding is a predicate

tony: blank nodes nested inside .coding
... complex types are represented as blank nodes - still problems with processing FHIR special data types

marc: question about data types

<dbooth> marc: datatype for line 27? how to determine them?

tony: base ontology done - has all of the data types - in FHIR spec

<dbooth> tony: they're defined in FHIR spec.

tony: some of the reasoners don't like the special data types - HermiT is OK
... section 2 - external binding of data type to terminology - example from Grahame
... Grahame added extension for 'concept'

<dbooth> line 88 has added ex:concept loinc:54411-4;

tony: this extension is tough to process
... section 2.2.3 (125-140) - the Coding blank node is replaced by a singleton term individual
... instance which is called http://loinc.org/54411 - 4 which is a pun for the LOINC class - also an instance of Coding
... interesting thing about the pun - when you put the label on the class it also applies that label back to the instance
... if you import the terminology you will see the label displayed in Protege - advantage of the pun

peter: text on line 132 does not match the text on line 139

tony: that is correct - there are multiple Codings in the CodeableConcept

peter: problem with the example text

tony: the example may not be entirely correct
... if you import the SNOMED CT ontology the label will be applied to the individual in Protege
... allergy example - lines 158 - 164 are 'substance'
... line 182 - AllergyIntolerance.substance

peter: SNOMED doesn't have individuals

tony: exactly right

<dbooth> line 201

tony: line 201 - declaration of individual
... the SNOMED CT individual is named the same as the SNOMED CT type

peter: in RDF can't have an object property with an association to a class

tony: agree - others on call also agree
... puns are typically used for metamodeling - in this case the individual is a member of itself

peter: did example come from Grahame? - it's clinically bad

tony: it came from me - agree that it's clinically bad

<dbooth> rafael, we're looking at http://wiki.hl7.org/images/2/25/FHIR_RDF_Sample_side_by_side_comparisons.pdf

tony: can change the example

<dbooth> peter: please change "Antibacterial drugs (product)" to "anti-lactam(sp?)"

<dbooth> line 203

<Rafael> should be "beta-lactam"

tony: object property assertions can only be to instances (individuals)

<Rafael> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CE%92-lactam_antibiotic

tony: important to have the rdfs:label
... schema in line 213

<dbooth> line 213

<dbooth> line 232

tony: CodeableConcept - don't have binding to SNOMED CT
... profile (Patient Safety Profile) - has restrictions on both FHIR instance and the terminology
... line 232 - profile contains a restriction on the value set of Substance
... line 241 AllergyIntolerance.substance.coding is defined as a property chain
... line 236 - all of the codings must come from these (restricted) sets
... line 245 - SNOMED CT RDF - this is what is pointed to by these puns

<dbooth> rob: Like the punning

david: some concerns about the punning

<dbooth> david: I have some concerns about the punning, esp for ont defined by others

<dbooth> david: but we can show this style without punning -- using separate URIs for instance and class

tony: line 92 - shows instance with a different URI from the class (from Grahame)

david: think we will have some difficulties with URIs
... URI for the coding system is arbitrary - declared by the coding system
... if we do create a URI based on their base URI, then this is "URI squatting" - may potentially be in conflict

tony: we may not be able to do this with anyone who hasn't declared a URI standard for their terminology

<dbooth> ADJOURNED

Summary of Action Items

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