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15 May 2015

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<trackbot> Date: 15 May 2015

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<scribe> scribe: clapierre

tzviya, Since Aria-role is on hold for now we need to figure out the best practice for how we deal with Notes in DPUB

…, need to distinguish between footnotes and author notes etc… locational? Who wrote it, and how does this affect accessibility.

deborah, how can you get to the specific notes, how can you prevent notes from interrupting the reading flow if wanted.

tzviya, in digital world there is no difference between, aside, foot, end note etc. it is really locational

mia, linked related content

tzviya, method to access all content and get back to the normal reading flow, ie DAISY skipable.

…, author note would not need its own flavor

mia, make sure you can link to it, read it if you want to, or not, and get back to the main content.

…, how to identify it (it can have contextual relevance. positional issue is a CSS concern.

tzviya, the 3 issues are. Navigation between navigation and note, and back. 2. context and labelling (know a footnote, vs. label, vs. aside, etc..) 3. Visible position on the page (basically a CSS issue).

charles, a11y dpub is concerned about issues #1 and #2.

tzviya, even though this is a concern. Do not make this our #1 issue because everyone is already aware of.

Deborah, positional location of text to indicate different speakers.

tzviya, lets add this to the Google Doc our comments.

charles, eg: comic strips have different speakers on different sides of the page.

Deborah, poetry could also have this positional text based on speaker

Tzviya, there could be different voices for the different speakers.

Charles, Isn't there markup for adding voice support?

Mia, There is tagging to support this, just don't remember where this is… CSS does have a speech module.

Tzviya, we need to flag this but could be resolved potentially in CSS.

phonetic spellings of proper nouns (maybe indi work in w3c?)

Tzviya, PLS (Pronunciation Lexicon Specification)

…, there may be a way to do this in CSS Speech also.

<tzviya> http://www.w3.org/TR/pronunciation-lexicon/

<dkaplan3_> http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-speech/

tzviya, even though this exists it is very difficult to use, since you must flag each time the word appears.

Deborah, how should we handle this? Since there is something to help, but it is very difficult to use and not widely adopted.

Mia, is there a simple way to do this?

Deborah, maybe add an attribute to the word each time its added (eg. verb, vs. noun, or Past tense etc.)

Charles, could there be a metadata or say what the default pronunciation for the entire document?

Tzviya, I believe this exists in CSS/Speech.

Deborah, we should flag this in our note as a concern.

…, we want to link to a URI to a pronunciation dictionary in your document.. eg. if you are writing a chemistry book to link to a chemistry pronunciation dictionary.

…, We need bring the W3C A) support for linking to a Pronunciation dictionary, and B) Socialize this so it is visible and adopted by Browsers, Reading systems etc…

how does layout improve comprehension?

Mia, issue: shorter lines make it easier for certain disabilities to understand/comprehend.

Tzviya, is there something that a person who can't see the page is missing.

Charles, is this maybe an example where in poetry the lines are centered and formatted in a certain way to portray a certain idea. Eg. A poem of a Tree could be formatted as looking like a tree.

Tzviya, could require something like an image description of the layout of the text.

Deborah, tec book code samples are in certain fonts vs. other text which could be bolded or in a callout box for warnings etc..

Mia, is this about the layout specifically or semantics about the layout which could have specific meanings that the audience should know about.

…, this may not be a W3C issue but could be a publisher issue.

Deborah, Could ask BISG this layout issue to their attention and ask them what the W3C could do to help with this issue… could be a research topic.

Charles, how do you describe the layout of text that could be in the shape of an image?

Mia, this really could be a research topic… This could open a can of worms …

Tzviya, we can bring this as an issue in our Note but we don't have a solution.

…, there is no really good way to tag poetry.

…, do you use P tag, DIV, Stanza, … etc.

Mia, when reading a poem and asked to read line 5-8 can be an issue.

Tzviya, delineated text.

Deeply Nexted Heading Levels Best Practices, list titles

Tzviya, that is 2 separate topics.

<tzviya> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ig/2015AprJun/0039.html

Deborah, what happens when you get past H6? HTML5 should support this but…

…, pure heading without a number

…, you can just keep nesting it.

Tzviya, it is meant to be a wrapper (ie. just Header)

<tzviya> <h6 aria-level="7">



YES we need them to exist!

Semantically needed List-Head

Yes we need them.

Summary of Action Items

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