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07 May 2015




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Presentation from Claes

CN: remote monitoring. monitoring health conditions.
... Heart rate, also blood.
... Blood clot
... Cloud server, depending on connection options, bluetooth, wifi, etc
... Mapping proposed architecture to health monitoring system.
... WOT serviant is included in WOT device.
... The cloud service is also serviant.
... Things are exposed through REST API, http or MQTT, etc
... options for communication. wifi, mobile phone, are possible

can you explain functionality?

CN: ipv6 over bluetooth, IETF COAP, UDP. It depends on the connection, functionality of router changes.

DP: relationship of WOT device and WOT servient?

CN: Wristband supports WOT servient.
... COAP stack supporting REST is included in the servient device.

CB: events are generated at initial registration and authorization phase.
... Actions are exposed through REST.

CN: APIs for vibration, etc
... OATH is used in non-normal manner. This needs investigation.
... We need backend for WOT.

DP: We have security task force. We may want to give feedback to that WG.

CN: Cloud sends coap message to WOT servient for authorization process.
... Observe feature of COAP is used.
... such as "Fall detected" etc is send back.
... In real world, we need to be reliable, but this chart simplified the scenario.

DP: Is this something that has been already implemented?

CN: I have been writing healthcare applications. I am experimenting with it. also MQTT.
... will show in next slide.
... MQTT is pub/sub protocol
... health care app registers, and the server publishes.
... Issues, considetations.
... for Advanced security, we chose this architecture.
... bidirectional COAP communication is another thing to be discussed.
... router-firewall issue. UDP is used for CoAP. Keep alive's implication on battery.
... access control, battery life, reliablity, QOS

Joerg: CoAP, MQTT mapping, is there way to describe the mapping abstract manner?
... Interaction is important. So abstract interaction needs to be described.
... Wrt. Security, is this security consideration specific to your use case?

James: That group should have ownership.

Joerg: Privacy issues in this concrete example is worth considering.

James: Other groups are considering security issues. We should not be too much bogged down.

DP: We need to map more use cases to the architecture.
... Next in the agenda. Input from Intel about iotkit-comm.

DT: iotkit-comm is for edison.
... open-source based.
... in C and Javascript
... Components include Edision, MDNS, MQTT
... using Pub/sub data
... MQTT, using REST call.
... Secured channel is SSH tunnel.
... description file on client.
... You can query service, and you can get callback.
... When server publishes data, callback is called with JSON object.
... Server side is similar.
... server description file.
... advertisement options.
... create service and publish.

DP: DOM and this architecture seems to have similarity.

DT: I am aware of commonalities.
... Security and provacy aspects should be paid attention in WOT

Dom: How you can define sensors, eg grammars?

DT: I can provide some information on that.

Dom: Proposal for standard that defines data model and resources in WOT servers.
... HTTP is right direction.
... simple set of rules, protocols and resource model are necessary.
... Blueprint for how to implement WOT APIs.
... resources and data-model representations.
... Blueprints helps faster implementation.
... Automatic generation of UIs.
... Mashup blocks automatically.
... Currently working on the documentation.
... http://bit.ly/wot-label

DP: Do you expect comments from us?

Dom: By the end of May, we will send this as a proposal.

Joel: If you see something missing, that comments would be very helpful.

Joerg: Device, properties and interactions.

Dom: Entities should map to different use cases nice way.
... Entities and protocols, resources are described in the document.
... We can also send presentation.

DT: BOE profile.

Joel: If there is something specific that you want to see here, please let us know.

DP: Is there a good way to share what we discussed to the rest of the group who could not join telecon?

DT: We can share the slides.
... Is there a share area where we can share presentations?

Dom: We have wiki.

DP: We collected several ideas. Google doc is one way to make one document.

<Claes> My presentation on health monitoring system maping to architecture, protocols and APIs: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wot-ig/2015May/att-0021/UC_Remote_health_monitoring_system_-_mapping_to_APIs_and_protocols.pdf

DP: Siemens does not have access to google doc site.

<domguinard> Slides for the WoT Label: http://www.slideshare.net/misterdom/w3c-f2fwotevtcomposestandard

<dape> this conference is WoT

Summary of Action Items

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