WebAppSec Teleconference 06-April-2015

06 Apr 2015

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Wendy, BHill, +1.503.712.aaaa, terri, francois, dwalp, david, walp, +1.310.597.aabb, tanvi
bhill2, dveditz


minutes approval

<bhill2> last official call: http://www.w3.org/2011/webappsec/draft-minutes/2015-02-23-webappsec-minutes.html

<bhill2> interim call: http://www.w3.org/2015/03/16-webappsec-minutes.html

<bhill2> any objections to approval by unanimous consent?

<bhill2> hearing no objections, minutes approved

<scribe> scribenick: wseltzer

bhill2: Main item for discussion: what do we want to do on calls going forward?
... Rechartering, we gave the mailing list primacy as work mode
... and want to make calls productive, given our larger set of deliverables.

tanvi: Mailing list can be too hard to keep up with, given all our workloads
... I like the idea of scheduling calls on specific specs, to let us do homework beforehand
... and, in those focused calls, give a bit more time for background summaries
... for those who didn't get it all beforehand

<dwalp> dwalp 1+

bhill2: I'd like to hear from everyone on the call: what do you want to get out of this hour?

dwalp: Agree with Tanvi. Calls can be good for progress.

francois: +1 to proposed workmode
... Topical calls with focus to one or two specs.
... enable people to plan their attendance.

bhill2: as editor, are you comfortable signing up to own a call?

francois: yes, that makes sense to summarize issues and address questions

bhill2: it can be more work for an editor to prepare a call, but can schedule a dedicated chunk of time
... hope it's an improvement for both editors and other participants

tanvi: a challenge for note-taking; if you're running the call, you won't also be able to take good notes.

bhill2: An editor running a call shouldn't also be tasked with scribing
... can also work to get scribes lined up in advance
... Should record resolutions and send them around in response to agenda.

<bhill2> wseltzer: decisions on Sapporo, F2F earlier...

<bhill2> ... and invite thinking about architectural issues on AppSec with the TAG and help W3C think through what else we need to be looking at

<bhill2> ... if we have extra time on calls I'd love to get this group's braintrust thinking about where else should we be looking

bhill2: I put in a request for TPAC meeting space
... Re: interim F2F, I expect to send mail to list about TAG F2F in Berlin, July
... and their question whether WebAppSec was interested in meeting with them
... watch for message on the list.
... TAG meeting is week before Prague IETF

wseltzer: and Sapporo TPAC is week before Yokohama IETF

<bhill2> rrsasgent, set logs world

<bhill2> zakim list attendees

Summary of Action Items

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