Forms Working Group Teleconference

18 Mar 2015


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Steven, [IPcaller], ebruchez, pfennell, Alain


<trackbot> Date: 18 March 2015

Reminder - meeting time for March


Steven: Just a reminder that next week the call is early for Europeans for the last time.

ACTION-2017 - Add dialog to list of grouping elements that receive

focus events


Erik: I did the action.

ACTION-2017 closed

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-2017.



Steven: Glad that there has finally been some action on this.

<scribe> ... new charter, proposed a schedule.

July 2015 - XForms 2.0 Last Call

Sept 2015 - XForms 2.0 enters CR

Nov 2015 - leave CR, process comments

Jan 2016 - Proposed Rec

Apr 2016 - Recommendation

Steven: My owrry is that August is in the last call period. Little happens in that period.


scribe: CR period will be updating tests

Erik: How much work is there still to do.

Steven: We still have to do XPath expressions
... that is about 50 pages, two meeting's worth I expect
... We can spend the time after entering last call on the test suite.
... My only worry is whether the LC period is long enough.

Erik: Doesn't seem entirely unreasonable.


Erik: Not sure how many responses we will get.

Steven: LC is typically a period when people look again.

Erik: Maybe move the end of LC out a month.

Steven: That seems fair enough. I'll suggest that to Liam.

Erik: We could move the schedule one month earlier.

Steven: Might be a bit tight. I'd like that bit of extra leaway.

XPath Expressions Module


Steven: We had omitted to review this. It is 50+ pages, so I suggest we split it over two meetings.
... So I propose we do up to and including section 4.3 this week, and then the rest the week after.
... We are still waiting for reviews for the latter part of the main spec from you, right Eriik?

Erik: Yes, and some actions items.

Steven: Yes, I have action items, and some editing still to do.

Philip: I some schedule time coming to be able to catch up on reviews.

Steven: We're still waiting for Nick to return, when I hope we can finish the topics waiting on him.


Summary of Action Items

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