Audio Working Group Teleconference
22 Jan 2015

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<trackbot> Date: 22 January 2015

<cwilso> regrets from Hongchan also, who is also at NAMM

Date of Next Meeting

next meeting Feb 5 - cwilso can join beginning, propose we keep the rhythm going.

Working group session at the Web Audio Conference

Issue 419 biquad filter formulas. Can we consider dropping the cookbook formulas and just use the actual implementation.

<padenot> hrrr, I'm late

<mdjp> https://github.com/WebAudio/web-audio-api/issues/419

BillHofmann asks if the implementations are consistent

Safari/Chrome do, per rtoy

Firefox seems to match

rtoy proposes making the defacto implementation the standard

hearing no objections, will make that the decision

(Introducing Mike Assenti)

Issue 455 handling the deprication of doppler in the panner node.

<mdjp> https://github.com/WebAudio/web-audio-api/issues/455

rtoy notes that the old panner node will be deprecated, so deprecating doppler in it wouldn't we worth it

cwilso notes that we need to define a new panner/listener anyway

BillHofmann notes that we ought note why we've closed 455, also - what is the issue for the rework?

<cwilso> https://github.com/WebAudio/web-audio-api/issues/372

rtoy notes that there is some objection about deprecation of doppler.

cwilso gives more background - perhaps the objections aren't as critical, so perhaps no real problem getting rid of it when the new nodes are in place

BillHofmann asks what happens re deprecation - it actually won't be in the 1.0 spec per cwilso. Chrome has disabled doppler already.

note that existing demos using doppler, per cwilso, are broken anyway

<padenot> ah I am

Asks whether Firefox has disabled doppler

No, per padenot. easy patch - will do it when it makes sense.

asks whether it's been marked as deprecated

cwilso notes that an in-progress branch marks it as deprecated.

Summarise list discussion of the proposal for multiple I/O audio worker

shepazu: re previous item - asks whether it makes sense to say it was deprecated - that's unusual - should there be a note at the end?

mjdp: spec will say it's deprecated and point at the new node

<mdjp> http://webaudio.github.io/web-audio-api/#the-scriptprocessornode-interface---deprecated

mjdp: notes how ScriptProcessorNode indicates deprecation

rtoyg_m: asks whether we'd note *all* the old stuff in this section? notes he gets bugs filed on very old items.

shepazu: not unusual to have a (smallish) changes section

<mdjp> http://cwilso.github.io/web-audio-api/#widl-AudioContext-createAudioWorker-AudioWorkerNode-DOMString-scriptURL-Array-inputs-Array-outputs

cwilso: notes no real additional feedback since last meeting; goal to replicate behavior in merger/splitter; since then he's realized that's not a good model
... suggests removing dynamic bit of audioworker - fixed input/output node count is proposed
... output channels might change, input channels are handled by channel count in channel mode

<cwilso> http://cwilso.github.io/web-audio-api/#widl-AudioContext-createAudioWorker-AudioWorkerNode-DOMString-scriptURL-Array-inputs-Array-outputs

cwilso: notes if you hand AudioWorker a script url, you'll get stereo in/out; if you hand a parameter in addition, will default to number of channels - see link above

<cwilso> http://cwilso.github.io/web-audio-api/#the-audioprocessevent-interface

cwilso: this approach makes even a single in/out situation for a handler event require a double dereference. could provide separate event handler.

mdjp: asks for objections; feedback on list

cwilso: haven't provided factory method for this.
... thinks we can consider feedback closed

Audio Worker Factory Model (if available otherwise moved to next call)

mjdp: agrees

Assign actions to progress the issue of inter-app audio and low level audio I/O.

agendum 6 moved to next meeting - proposal not ready

mdjp: notes that this is a bigger issue than "how do we run vsts in webaudio" - perhaps worthwhile to bring up at WAC next week
... how can the WG support implementers to help get to a resolution with this?

cwilso: need to go back to the use cases documents, decide how committed we are, find implementers in native and get their feedback
... morphed to "support VSTs", perhaps really more like iOS "InterappAudio"

mdjp: split item
... proposal: first, review use cases and bring relevant ones to the next meeting - mdjp volunteers
... first: Inter-app audio

<mdjp> http://w3c.github.io/mediacapture-output/

mdjp: second: access to low level audio device -

cwilso: working with Justin/Victoria, they have an enumeration API; what we need is a way to direct a stream to a sink
... we need a spec'd way to create a sink using this API, and knowing what the characteristics of it, how you stream to it, etc.
... not sure *where* it sits between WebAudio, WebRTC, etc., but we need to ensure it gets dealt with

mdjp: asks whether we ought document our requirements
... will create an issue/etc for tracking this


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