DOM 3 Events and UI Events

14 Jan 2015



Travis, benjamp, +1.650.390.aaaa, garykac


<masayuki> Hello, Travis, long time no see!

masayuki: Thanks!

<masayuki> Hi, garykack, long time no see!

garykac: Welcome!

<garykac> renaming the d3e to uievents

<garykac> and deprecating (retiring) the current UI events

Current bugs: https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/buglist.cgi?component=DOM3%20Events&list_id=50592&product=WebAppsWG&resolution=---

masayuki: anything else to add to the agenda?

<masayuki> Nothing for now. I want you to fix bug 24739, 26019 and 26218.

garykac: For the renaming--I don't recall a specific date...
... we should make sure ack section is up to date.


<garykac> We'll most likely go through all the bugs next meeting -- I don't think that we'll get through it today.

<garykac> And we should address the D3E -> UIEvent renaming and the beforeinput changes first.

<garykac> Dropped because we agree that it should be done.

<garykac> Current D3E spec is at : http://www.w3.org/TR/DOM-Level-3-Events/

<benjamp> New unofficial spec is http://w3c.github.io/editing-explainer/input-events.html

Travis: Currently, we still define beforeinput in our doc.
... we also have a number of related bugs for it.

<garykac> Do we have an official name for the input events spec?

<garykac> We'll need to refer to it when we update the D3E to point to it.

Travis: The editing TF has a doc which would like to formerly specify the definition for beforeinput.

D3E defines the InputEvent interface.

garykac: Travis and I will send you links to individual bugs to port to Github issue tracker for Editing TF

<garykac> We'll need to migrate the 'input' bugzilla issues into github.

Travis: should they take 'input' as well as 'beforeinput'?
... benjamp: I currently have them both in my spec.

<garykac> Travis: yes!

Travis: So, to recap, we will be removing BeforeInput interface and its two event types (beforeinput, input) from D3E. These have been integrated into the Editing doc already.
... We should leave a note for readers to know where to go get them in the future (in a change log section somewhere)

benjamp: Look forward to seeing those bug reference!
... got to run. Thanks!

Travis: Steps necessary:
... 1. Use uievents spec shortname
... 2. Use UIEvents component in bugzilla
... 3. Merge the content from current UIEvents?

garykac: Well, not if we want to finish!
... locale info was interesting and is still useful, but it does include a fingerprinting issue.
... I'm not sure if this is still a major concern
... At TPAC there was a discussion about granting platform permissions--could be something interesting.

Travis: My suggestion is to bring in locale with a big disclaimer so that it's all in one spec.

garykac: locale is definately underspecified.

Travis: We should subtitle it "the specification formerly known as DOM Level 3 Events"
... or just "the essentially living specification"
...: -)

<masayuki> I think that UI Events should make its position clearer in head of the document.

<garykac> BTW: bug for tracking removing input/beforeinput and pointing to the new inputevent spec: https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=27827

masayuki: Yes. I'd love some new text--please file a bug with your suggestion!

<masayuki> I don't like RFC style, i.e., overwriting too many times!

<masayuki> Travis: Okay, I'll do it.

Travis: garykac are you going to do the spec rename update?

garykac: Yes, and the beforeinput removals around the same time.

<garykac> masayuki: what do you mean by overwriting too many times?

<masayuki> garykac: an RFC overwrites another RFC without changing old spec. Therefore, it's very unclear for readers what's the latest spec of a spec.

<masayuki> garykac: So, overwritten spec should refer new spec, if it's possible.

masayuki: Yep, sounds right.

<garykac> Yeah, we should definitely add a link at the top saying that D3E has been moved/replaced by UIEvents

Alright, for the next agenda item: bug 24739, 26019 and 26218

scribe: masayuki would like these fixed right away.
... They are implementation-blocking.

<masayuki> Yeah. We renamed other key values in Firefox 37.

<masayuki> But these bugs still block updating a few things.

scribe: Are there any decisions that need to be made in regards to these, or is it simply a matter of committing the requested changes?

<masayuki> Travis: I think that the latter. We've already discussed in the bug.

<garykac> I'll prioritize those bugs when I start going through bugs later this week.

Travis: Looking at 24739 -- is there a question about "Props" and "ContextMenu" still?

<garykac> I think that we know what to do for all of them, but I need to refresh my memory.

<garykac> Many times there are similar-sounding keys that serve different purposes. So we need to coordinate them with other specs (like USB or Media controller specs)

<masayuki> Abut bug 24739, the issue was discussed in IRC, IIRC.

<masayuki> Is there a list of logs of IRC when we discussed?

In 26019, it looks like the essentials are speced out, but Anne had some feedback?

masayuki: Yes... just a sec

<garykac> Bug tracking rename from D3E -> UIEvents : https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=27828

masayuki: http://www.w3.org/2008/webapps/wiki/Bi-weekly_meetings

<masayuki> Travis: Thanks!

OK, 26019 describes the APIs we want (already fixed), but not the processing to do that.


Travis: It's getting late (dark outside!). We probably don't have time to review Agenda#4

<garykac> OK. I'll start on the spec updates and look at the bugs (prioritizing the ones that Masayuki has pointed out)

<garykac> YEah, #4 is a good place to start next time

<garykac> 2 weeks from now?

Travis: I think we check back in two weeks?

Sounds good to me.

<masayuki> Sounds good to me too.

<garykac> We will hopefully have discussions in the bugs between now and then

OK, thanks all!

<garykac> Good. See you all then. And thanks!

<masayuki> Thank you!

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