Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference

05 Jan 2015

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Charles LaPierre (clapierre), Tzviya Siegman (Tzviya), Dave Cramer (dauwhe), Ivan Herman (Ivan), Heather Flanagan (HeatherF),  Alan Stearns (Stearns),  Phil Madans (philm), Peter Kreutzberger (pkra), Deborah Kaplan (dkaplan3), Bill Kasdorf (Bill_Kasdorf),  Ben De Meester (bjdmeest), Tim Cole (TimCole), laura Fowler (lfowler), David Stroup (david_stroup), Paul Belfanti (pbelfanti), +Susann Keohane (skeohane), Julie Morris (Julie_Morris)
markus, Liam


<trackbot> Date: 05 January 2015

tzviya: Markus will not be with us today
... Happy New Year

<pkra> Happy New Year

<tzviya> http://www.w3.org/2014/12/22-dpub-minutes.html

tzviya: comments/objections about last meeting's minutes?
... talked about metadata task force, went over document
... Deborah and Charles discussed a11y TF's goals
... Comments on minutes?
... approved.
... today we want to discuss where we are with the various task forces, especially STEM
... let's go through task forces in order
... talk about plans, deadlines, etc.

<pkra> Could you post the link to the tracker?

<pkra> thank you :)

<tzviya> action tracker http://www.w3.org/dpub/IG/track/actions/open

Layout and pagination TF

<pkra> I second dauwhe

Dave: pagination is working on updating latinreq regarding bleeds

...lots going on with CSS WG

<astearns> houdini meeting planning: https://wiki.css-houdini.org/planning/sydney-2015

...Boxtree API Taskforce (project Houdini) has been formed

 ...this is being presented as extensible CSS

...this will allow people to create new CSS properties

bill_kasdorf: is this a big, monolithic project or incremental?

dauwhe: some changes are fundamental and must be implemented first

...example, must figure out a way to make custom CSS a possibility before we can do this

ivan: how will this solve the fundamental issue of pagination? is this the only way to solve pagination?

dauwhe: not sure about any of these. This is just getting started. Defining the fundamentals of Boxtree seems fundamental to exposing requirements of Brady's pagination requirements

Ivan: This also seems much more complicated than pagination though. Is there a simpler way to do pagination?

dauwhe: some of this is philosophical and based on extensible web manifesto

...there is an effort people to give  tools to do things rather than giving them specific features

...it is unclear exactly how this will play out

astearns: a concrete way that this could play out in pagination is that now people have JS libraries that predict how content will chunk out into "pages"

...the boxtree model actually gives you the measurements

...my participation is to tease out the little things that will make work in current browsers a little easier

<Bill_Kasdorf> +1

clappierre: figuring out how much text will fit on a "page" must depend on user as well because different users adjust size

astearns: one of the things that we must adjust is that now scripts do not actually take in information about fonts

pkra: interacting with fonts is an interesting question that comes up with other APIs (such as mathJax) as well

<astearns> yes - finding out what font is being used *and its actual metrics* is crucial

<pkra> exciting.

tzviya: Brady isn't on call, but did move forward with pagination requirements

Metadata TF

Bill_Kasdorf: we made final edits to doc
... and responded to Tzviya's feedback
... and should be ready to publish on January 8

ivan: yes

Bill_Kasdorf: Nothing is being asked of us now :)
... much of what we discovered is that education is needed, not new specs
... we're not clear on what our next steps would be. We're feeling somewhat finished.

Content and markup TF

tzviya: Thanks
... Content and Markup TF
... we had some discussions with PF in December
... now we need to set up joint task force
... to define Digipub vocab as module of ARIA
... I will work on that with Ivan and PF
... and then get terms defined over next few weeks
... and we need volunteers!


HeatherF: I'd be interested in helping

tzviya: Thanks!

<clapierre> I believe Deborah and I are on that aren't we?

pkra: I would like to help out

tzviya: let's remove annotations from our list of task forces
... a11y

Accessibility TF

clapierre: We will be starting up our task force
... we have wiki, etc
... what is required in terms of digital publishing a11y
... first phone call this Friday
... either Tuesday morning or Friday afternoons

tzviya: Thanks
... let's talk about STEM


pkra: Was able to spend some time on this
... questions have been transferred into questionnaire
... my next step is to get feedback from the group
... on track to get it out before the end of the month

ivan: to clarify, we had some technical problems before XMas. Is it working for you?

pkra: yes

ivan: technical issues have been solved?

pkra: yes.

<pkra> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/64149/DPUB-STEM-2014-12/?login

pkra: here's the link to the survey. If you're a member you can edit it at your own risk

tzviya: do you want feedback now?

pkra: Hold off until tomorrow

tzviya: when you're finished, please send email to group
... we don't want this group to respond to the questionnaire, just send feedback

pkra: yes, right now I want feedback.

tzviya: anything else you need from us?

pkra: I'm good right now.

tzviya: one other thing I'm going to add to agenda
... we need to review i18n web page and documentation
... no one has had the time to do this?

HeatherF: I can help

ivan: Do you need the pointers?

HeatherF: if you could send me pointers that would be faster

tzviya: I'll send you a note

<HeatherF> Happy to volunteer.

<HeatherF> When is our next call?

tzviya: next big project will be the STEM survey
... over next few weeks Markus will talk about EPUBWEB
... thanks everyone! Use your extra half-hour wisely.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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