Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

31 Oct 2014

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Jeanne, Jan, Jutta, TimB, Sandra_Earl(Desire2Learn)


<trackbot> Date: 31 October 2014

<Jan> A.4.1.1

<Jan> A.4.1.3

<Jan> B.1.2.2

<Jan> B.1.1.1

<Jan> B.2.5.1

<Jan> B.2.3.3

<Jan> A.2.2.2


notes from Sandra:

Using modified TinyMCE editor, D2L tests with screenreader. Add table headers and rows. Built in spellchecker that is accessible by keyboard and screenreader. There are places with restricted text area that block certain insertions. There are a few places where your system fonts override the student fonts.

JR: So I have to be careful setting my accoutnt profile.
... Do you have an image library?

Sandra: We don't have an image library, but you should be able to upload from local.
... but the permissions on the test account may need to be adjusted.

D2L ver 10.3 being tested. 10.4 is the latest version.

[looking at ATAG Part B

JR: Does the tool do post processing?

Sandra: we check for malicious code on Save.
... there is no accessibility checker and it is not addressed other than a suggestion in the documentation

B.2.2.1 If there are multiple ways to do things and one is more accessible than another?

sandra: Screenreader users find the editor heavy weight. They can replace it with a plain text editor. You don't get all the buttons, just the links.

B.2.4.1 Are there pre-set page layouts?

Sandra: We don't have them built into the system. There is a feature within content to add a template, we don't have them bulitin, but there are accessible templates in the documentation. The tutorials use accessibility techniques.

<Jan> https://documentation.desire2learn.com/en/accessible-html-templates

Sandra: but none are defaults in the system.

TB: Can they be checked for accessibility?

Sandra: We don't do any accessibility checking

JR: But can you label them as accessible?

Sandra: Demonstrates, they can be labeled in the name. If you want to share the template, then you can describe it and add metadata. You can create your own metadata field of level of accessibility.

JR: Preauthored content has alternatives?

Sandra: We don't have saved images that we provide. We allow people to save images for their course.

Accessibility Features active by default?

sandra: there are a few features in settings to tweak for individual users. The editing features don't seem to be turned on and off.

Is there documentation that would help a teacher build their first piece of content?

Sandra: There is info on how to build accessible pages.

<Jan> https://documentation.desire2learn.com/en/Accessibility

Sandra: It's linked in the main navigation, but universities can override it, but it is on by default. Universities can reuse and rebrand our documentation.
... it is an option to put the link in the top navigation bar.

processing the tour into ATAG Test Harness

<Jan> We're back - until lunch we will just be entering test results from D2L whirlwind tour

D2L has a WCAG AA contrast checker when selecting a color.


D2L configured with Firefox addon - Toggle Animated GIFs above

Animated GIF for testing and flashing: http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1412258122241.gif

<Jan> 1.617.761.6200 the code conference is 3782 ("DPUB")

Summary of Action Items

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