29 Oct 2014

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<scribe> ScribeNick: glazou

DongYoung: CSS Extensions for round display

… could or should extend CSS to support round displays for wearable and mobile

… shows smart watches and cover of smartphone

<hyojin_song> glazman, thanks a lot for your help

… limitations triggered thoughts about CSS extnsions for that

<scribe> … new devices emerging with round displays

… but web made for rectangular displays

DongYoung: suggesting a MQ to dectedt round screens

… device-radius property, inspired by border-radius

<link media=“screen and (device-radius: 50%)“…

DongYoung: other shapes of display are possible so we need to control the radius

… we’re reusing the concept of border-radius

… for non supporting devices, screen is clipping

… similar to android wear defining two styles one for rectangular, one for round

… also detection from JS

<scribe> … new property of Screen

<scribe> … new property of body element

… Screen.radius and document.body.border-radius (sic)

glazou: you cannot have border-radius here, that’s considered as an option

florian: this is interesting, you have a good point

… there are not only circles

… doing better than circles is interesting but what about another shape

… still this is the good direction

… bring it to www-style !!!

florian: plenty of things to discuss but good starting point

DongYoung: ContentAlignment is needed

… to fit contents inside the screen

… you want the contents to fit into the rounded display

… shape-inside property !!!

… but if text at the bottom, you need to overflow _up_

… difficult issue

… proposal to add a ‘display’ value to shape-inside to constrain rendering

<scribe> … new border-shape property

… display or nodisplay (default) values

… constrains the border to the edges of the display

florian: make border follow the shape inside and not the display to be more generic

DongYoung: yes maybe

BradK: should be in the Shape spec

florian: exactly

DongYoung: layout

… elements can be for instance placed along a circles

… polar coordinates then, like in LG G3 cover

… one thing we could do is properties polar-angle and polar-distance

… with position polar

… position: polar

florian: you position the center and then the rest?

DongYoung: yes

TimCole: what does position polar do for you?

florian: could you position absolutely and transform them?

DongYoung: sure !

… easy to write a toolkit for that

… but easier for us to develop if done that way

LouayBasbouss: what is the %age about?

DongYoung: of the radius

florian: problematic

DongYoung: we need minimal extensions to CSS for round displays

… detection

… alignment

… border containment

… polar coordinates in layout

<Bert> glazou: I encourage you to subit the idea to www-style. Please also attend the next CSS ftf and present to the WG.

<Bert> ... No doubt there will be chnages, but I think people understand the requirements.

<Bert> ... There will be compromises, of course.

Florian: your proposal will be ack'd

… and discussed

BradK: you’re proposing a new position scheme

arron: yeah, we could use position absolute

florian: does it work like a transform or like a positioning thing

glazou: you may want to put transformations ontop of position

plinns: can glue them



florian: first start with a polyfill

TimCole: not a css issue eactly but that’s related to ordering of things

… how do you address this kind of issues ?

DongYoung: not really sure

glazou: polyfill?

DongYoung: planning one

glazou: would be cool and helpful to play with ut

florian: what about scrolling?

… there are MQ in the work for that sort of detection

… already on our radar

… compatible with the use case

… I need your feedback

BradK: shape inside does not allow scrolling right ?

florian: no
... shape-inside and overflow-fragment could help

DongYoung: extra comments
... thanks again for joining the session


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