06 Oct 2014


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Alex_L., Alastair_C.
Jutta Treviranus


<scribe> Scribe: Jan

1. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update

JS: The harness is fully approved by the sys team and has been turned on. We are just waiting for the name redirect to filter through.
... Once its live, we can start adding tools from the implementation report


JS: Start by opening an "implementation"
... Every field has a text field
... Anyone can access with W3C login

TB: Quality control?
... If someone with W3C password submits report that is subject to challenge by someone else?

JS: There is another report that allows discrepencies to be discovered and dealt with

JR: How does discrepency mgmt work?

JS: Both people talk (with an ATAG member)...and edit their entries

TB: Is the harness tool accessible?

JS: Should be because the base WCAG tool was accessible
... But I will go and look

Tom: Do we have to add comments?

JS: No, it's optiona;

TB: Weh will it be available?

JS: I've been contacting lots of people...I will send an email as soon as its available.

2. TPAC update (Oct 30-31 Thurs, Fri slot)

JS: WHat's the phone count?

JR: Jutta, Alastair, Tom, Tim, Alex...

Tom: I'm a question mark to attend remotely.

JR: No meeting next Monday (Thanksgiving-CDN, Columbus Day)
... Agenda for TPAC?

JS: Mainly implementation report and support documents?

TB: Will ATAG meet with any other groups?

JS: Any ideas? Digital publishing group

JT: Great idea!

JR: +1

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35125/TPAC2014/registrants

JS, JT: Will reach out to some people they know in the registrants list to figure out the best way to make contact between the groups

JR: Other groups?


JS: Will check with MC
... But they are very busy

JR: If anyone has other ideas?

. Gathering and building the "Tools and Resources Needed for Testing

Tom: Will start up again on a Mac OS version of the platform testing tool

TB: I think Shadi has been working on an accessibility supported database

JR: Maybe will write an email to Shadi re: relationship with that database
... Alastair says he will be working more on (e) A selection of separate pieces of content - Alastair C.

Anything else?

JT: I just drafted note to the Publishing IG....who should I send to?

JS: To your contacts... not necessrily tem yet

Next meeting Oct 20th

Summary of Action Items

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