HTML Canvas working group

26 Sep 2014

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cabanier, MarkS, Sam, Rich_Schwerdtfeger
Sam Ruby



sam: are the test done

mark: I got through 12 out of the 15 with test cases
... I tried to put these into the test repository but the mirroring system was down
... What I did is I created a static upline version of these so that we can look at the tests together
... We can continue to work these and try to automate these
... You can see a link to the test and the source file
... I did a good job proving these tests
... I want you to review and agree these are good tests
... feel free to review these and make any changes
... if we agree with these we can automate at least some of them
... we can automate some of these

Rich: I have a few more testable statements I need to do for addHitRegion

Mark: I did get the expected results with Firefox and Chrome
... safari did fail in places so the tests are working
... I am not good with image data so if someone knows how to do that please do it.

cabanier: not everything will work the same on each system
... getting pixel data can vary

sam: when do we expect the tests to be complete?

Mark: I think 2 weeks is doable

Rich: I believe so. I will shoot for that.


sam: should we be proactive and set time aside at the meeting

rich: I think a half hour would be ok

mark: I would like Mike smith to participate
... I will be there

Rich: I will be there but have lots of conflicts

sam: thursday and friday are the HTML working group meetings
... we can come back to visit this for an appropriate time slot at TPAC on the tenth

Rich: was there anything we can improve on in the testabble statements and guidance?

Mark: I simplified some, they were good. Platform specific testing clarity and detail is a help

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