22 Sep 2014


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Jan, Jeanne, Jutta
Alex_L., Tim_B.
Jutta Treviranus


1. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update

JS: Last week I did QA testing
... Now MC has fixed those bugs
... Now I'm meeting with him to formalize...and to bring in Security team
... Hoping to wrap it up this week and go live next week
... I think we're done, just needs systems check

JT: Mitacs idea
... What about Waterloo co-op student? etc?
... I can talk to people there

3. TPAC update (Oct 30-31 Thurs, Fri slot)

JS: Deadlines starting to come up...
... Oct 3 deadline for discounted hotel
... Oct 8 deadline for discounted registration fee - $75 a day

JT: Ideas Google, FB, Amazon, ...
... Love idea of crowdsourcing evaluations
... Fits into theme of an IDRC project (Outside-In)
... Company to sponsor student to do work
... Managed platform, includes training, etc.

JS: Great idea

Summary of Action Items

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