Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference

15 Sep 2014


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Mike Miller (MikeMiller), Tzviya Siegman (Tzviya), Charles LaPierre (clapierre), Ivan Herman (Ivan), Karen Myers (Karen_Myers), Peter Kreutzberger (pkra), Deborah Kaplan (dkaplan3), Tim Cole (TimCole), Laura Fowler, Luc Audrain (Luc), fjh, Bill Kasdorf (Bill_Kasdorf), Ben De Meester (bjdmeest), Shinyu Murakami (murakami), Tom de Nies (TomDN), Bert Bos (Bert), Madi Solomon (madi), Rob Sanderson (azaroth), Frederick Hirsh (fjh), Julie Morris
Markus, Brady, Vlad, Paul, Thierry, Laura, PhilM, BenKo, dauwhe
Patrick Pagano, B&N


<trackbot> Date: 15 September 2014

<ivan> meeting agenda for 2014-09-15: http://www.w3.org/mid/C274A5503C851E43A8ED400AC86E028503E8F0110B@SOM-MB.wiley.com

<tzviya> http://www.w3.org/2014/09/08-dpub-minutes.html

tzviya: review of last week's minutes.
... approved.

TomDN: new to the group: Ben

bjdmeest: starting PhD at Multimedia Lab.
... research in digital publishing


<tzviya> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20140915T11&p1=179

early draft on content and markup

<tzviya> https://github.com/w3c/dpub-content-and-markup

tzviya: first agenda item: early draft on content & markup
... we're interested in feedback about the direction of this document.

<ivan> http://w3c.github.io/dpub-content-and-markup/

tzviya: especially from PF since contact has been limited

ivan: is it possible to give a quick overview?

tzviya: introducing a vocabulary into aria to have a publishing vocabulary introduced.
... to bring semantics from publishing.
... helps AT publishing specifics semantics and help user agents to make use of them.
... maybe people didn't have enough time to digest.
... perhaps move to next week?

ivan: what I miss a little bit is how exactly the aria attr. will be used
... how would the terms be defined and by whom

tzviya: I was hoping Janina from PF group could comment on that.
... next step: build it out, work more with PF to have more to present to DPUB IG

ivan: will be exciting to get this developed further

<Karen> Guest today is Pat Pagano, Director, Digital Content Operations

tzviya: any other comments?

<dkaplan3> thanks for putting this together, tzviya

<Karen> from Barnes & Noble

tzviya: main topic: TPAC
... several suggestions for meetings with other groups and internal meetings
... a) PF on role attr
... b) HTML5 group on incorporating role
... c) session to talk about a11y
... d) with CSS to talk about pagination
... e) on i18n / RTL / bidi
... anything missing?

<tzviya> http://www.w3.org/2014/11/TPAC/

<ivan> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35125/TPAC2014/registrants#DP

ivan: check list of registered participants
... not sure if you can't or intend to come.
... we have to know if we have enough people for all task forces
... we should look at individual task forces to see how we can work around this.

madi: for Pearson, I'll be there and others from Pearson

<clapierre> I will be there, I just haven't registered yet.

madi: but I'm not on the list.

tzviya: same for me.

<Karen> Here is link to registration for Technical Plenary: http://www.w3.org/2014/11/TPAC/

<Karen> +1 observe other groups

dkaplan3: besides our meeting, are there any other open meetings DPUB IG members should plan to attend?

<Bert> (I will be at TPAC and very interested in discussing CSS & pagination, during CSS meeting, during DPub meeting, or both.)

<Karen> Note: Advance, online registration closes 8 October

ivan: you can attend every group as an observer.
... you should say that on registration.
... and please do, so that organizers can plan (room size etc)

dkaplan3: aside from ad-hoc meetings and our internal ones, are there any sessions we SHOULD observe
... do we know when ad-hoc meetings are likely to be?
... I see on calendar 11--15 booked for ad-hoc meetings each day.
... would ad-hoc meetings all into "our" meetings time?

ivan: not clear. We should try to fit it in our slots.
... then talk to staff contacts of other groups.
... then figure out how to organize that.

<ivan> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35125/TPAC2014/registrants#DP

ivan: I'm worried: some people are registered and not on the list.
... who else has registered but is not on the previous link?

dkaplan3: is there a difference between registering for TPAC and attending group meetings?

ivan: ok, did people not list groups?
... during registration, you're asked which groups to attend -- did you?

various: yes we did.

ivan: mpf.

(couldn't resist)

ivan: examples to look into: madi, tzviya
... Bill_Kasdorf are you affected?

Bill_Kasdorf: wasn't planning. metadata on the agenda. question if metadata is a good fit and if Frankfurt might not be a better opportunity.

tzviya: point of this item to figure this out.

ivan: chicken&egg problem. TPAC could be a more focused opportunity

Bill_Kasdorf: is this Thursday?

<TimCole> I wouId like to see a metadata session some time on Thursday

tzviya: Thur&Fri.

<Karen> Digital Publishing IG meetings at TPAC on 30 and 31 October in Santa Clara

Bill_Kasdorf: still pretty full list

tzviya: let's discuss this on TF meeting tomorrow.
... Dave will be attending.

ivan: but Dave not on the list.

Luc: ppl in France not planning to attend.

<Karen> [from Hachette]

tzviya: first pending additional item: pagination.
... sharing/working on samples.
... in particular, STEM => will be in touch with pkra / STEM TF
... item: a11y.
... conversation with PF on extending role
... but also: personalization
... bringing a11y under the umbrella for personalization
... since we went on different directions, this might be useful to unify
... we should consider document for user cases on personalization, in particular a11y
... very interesrted to get feedback on this.

especially from people involved with apip (?)

clapierre: personalization more generally of interest?

tzviya: we were trying to push a11y TF in one direction.

<tzviya> http://www.w3.org/dpub/IG/wiki/UseCase_Directory#Accessibility_and_Personalization

tzviya: more areas to explore (e.g., SVG)
... as we collected more use cases, they ended up under personalization
... so it made sense to have this generally.
... is there interest for clapierre and dkaplan3 (?) to draft something?
... is it possible to start something ~Oct 13?
... what else would you need from DPUB people?

clapierre: connect key players in a call. First attempt last week failed.

tzviya: who do you consider key?

clapierre: Mia, Ivan, Thierry, Markus, Deborah, myself

tzviya: suggest start offline with Deborah.
... need someone from validation.
... but too early right now.

tzviya: get started on the HTML page
... the get me and ivan together, then Markus to connect to the right people.

clapierre: sounds good.

tzviya: missing items: talked to pkra on STEM.

<tzviya> <pkra> STEM update - not as far along as had hoped, interviews are in progress

<tzviya> pkra: summaries are coming shortly,

<tzviya> pkra: should have something in writing by the end of the September

ivan: brings up issue of remote attendance.
... should we do that? (Needs heads up to organize tech)
... pkra could you join remotely?

pkra: yes.

Karen: point ppl to sign up for other groups to observe.
... wanted to make sure ppl are aware.

<Luc> If joining by call is avalable I would try though time shift isn't easy

tzviya: thanks. In particular, annotation.

<bjdmeest> I'm in the Annotation WG as well

clapierre: to earlier item: Oct 13 actually won't work for me. Oct 20 better.

tzviya: ok, let's work this out offline.
... back to STEM at TPAC .

ivan: I'll look into remote access.

tzviya: should we add STEM to agenda and make it work timezone wise?

ivan: yes.

tzviya: what else should we focus on? Few chances for F2F.

ivan: let's spend time on discussing goals for 2015.

<Karen> +1 planning session

tzviya: agreed.

Bill_Kasdorf: Great addition. I will try harder to make it.

Karen: also inviting guests to observe at technical plenary

tzviya: that was all we had for this on agenda.
... please be in touch with other topics.
... anything else?
... ok, then intros.

???: Nook media. Before that ebook production.

scribe: now looking at epub3, new devices and fitting in old devices.

<Karen> s/???/Patrick Pagano, Nook/Barnes & Noble

scribe: very keen to catch up and get active on the group.

thx Karen.

tzviya: thanks everybody!
... one last question: dress code for W3C gala?

Karen: business casual.

<ivan> trackbot, end telcon

Summary of Action Items

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