Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

13 Aug 2014

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Vivienne, Shadi, Justin, Klaus, Annika, Simon
Yeliz, Markel, Giorgio, Silvia


RESOLUTION: Accessibility and Way-finding, Navigation and Exploration systems Online Symposium 3 December 2014

Welcome & Logistics (Regrets, Agenda Requests, Comments)

<Justin> woo hoo

<klaus> +1

<Vivienne> many thanks to Giorgio from me too

SH: Giorgio needs to leave the group
... would to thank him for all his contributions

Note Edit Status: Metrics

SH: didn't receive feedback from Judy on her comments yet

Note Edit Status: Mobile

SH: waiting for final changes from Yeliz then ready for the group

Note Edit Status: Text Customisation

SH: expecting timeline from Shawn and David

Note Edit Status: Easy to Read

KM: making the document easier to read
... did not receive comments on the content

Note Edit Status: User Modeling

SH: Christos prepared document for Yehya's review

Note Edit Status: eLearning

JB: working on getting the draft ready

Symposium Status: Way-Finding (CfP due 7th Sept 2014)


<annika> I also made some updates the to link that shadi sent.

SH: people happy with the changes?

VC: yes, happy so far
... think need to focus on the contributions
... was expecting about condensation

SAZ: could look at title
... started with scope, to try to firm up the focus
... then went to introduction and background

AN: many aspects in there
... need to tidy up the questions in the contributions

SH: wondering about Linked Open Data
... seems to be a topic for a different symposium

SAZ: think the contributions section needs to map to the scope section
... need to agree on the scope section

VC: a lot there and won't be easy to condense

AN: second set is well-related to the Web
... on the other hand might be too broad of a scope

SH: lots of work on the Linked Open Data
... we might be going overboard with this

SAZ: what does the group think of the scope?

VC: happy with it as it is

AN: agree, looks very good

<annika> In the E2R CfP we used "Core Topics" and "Additional Topics". Could we mark the open data as additional topic?

SH: wonder if we need two separate sections for scope and contributions
... on the other hand, stand well on it's own
... not sure how to fit self-driving cars in here
... mobility was initially part of the thought

KM: trip-planning seems like an interesting application domain
... also legal issues
... for example, what happens when someone is guided the wrong way
... or a faulty way

SAZ: excellent suggestions but not sure if they are included in the text at all
... need to include it in the text
... though we may be scope-creeping
... especially mobility is a broader area of work

AN: not sure how related self-driving cars are with the web
... also the other additions could be broader than the main focus
... could have "core topics" and "additional topics" for the contributions

SH: yes, could be an approach

<annika> +1 for using mobility

<klaus> +1 for orientation and mobility

SAZ: really like the aspect of "mobility", also as a term
... just concerned if we may be expanding the scope too much

VC: worried that indoor way-finding might be lost could be lost

SAZ: need to be clearly written
... like a "macro" and "micro" level orientation and navigation

SH: can we have a new version ready for next week?

VC: think so

SH: what about the scientific committee
... maybe also people outside the group?

+1 to having people on the SC from outside the group

<Vivienne> +1 to having some experts in the area, as it is not my primary background

<klaus> I allow myself to recommend my colleague - it is his phd topic.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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