HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

07 Aug 2014

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David_MacDonald, janina, Adrian_Roselli, paulc, MarkS, ShaneM, chaals, Cynthia_Shelly, Judy, John_Foliot, IanPouncey1
aardrian, AdrianR


<trackbot> Date: 07 August 2014

<janina> Meeting: HTML-A11Y Task Force Teleconference

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JS: Would like to table for now until later in the call.

Techniques for Providing Useful Text Alternatives

JS: Have had conversation with Steve F. What we looked at in CfCs is indeed final content.
... We need to finish work of adding boilerplate content to document.
... Who would ordinarily do that? Robin? Steve? Or can Liam take this on?

PC: Any of the above. Whatever gets it done as quickly as possible.
... We know Liam is traveling this week. Asking Steve F. is iffy, other staff contacts may be tied up as well.

<liam> [I'm overloaded and away from the office this week, but watching in here on IRC]

JB: We need announcement explaining a11y.

PC: Is that ready yet?

JS: Perhaps not.

JB: Simply adding to list of items to add.

JS: Look to Liam?

<paulc> We need a) the SOTD updated to reflect the doc is a WG Note b) content for the W3C announcement c) someone to work with the Webmaster to get the doc published.

JB: Might bounce back to me, but if it's Mike he needs to be reminded of need to sync that up.
... Cannot add to my queue for next week.

<paulc> I decided to not wait for publication to handle the two formal objections which I got withdrawn.

<liam> [ I expect to be able to do those things next week, and/or to work with Judy and others ]

<paulc> Formal objection retraction: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-admin/2014Aug/0003.html

SM: This document has been ready to publish for months, want to help make it happen.

JB: With transition for losing team contact, this has slipped.

<Zakim> ShaneM, you wanted to volunteer to finish the changes

JS: Have heard Mike has been tied up as well, so we're already at least two weeks out.

PC: Let's see if Liam can do it when he gets back, post August 21.

JS: I think we have identified the people to move this forward.
... Targeting August 21 for publication.


JB: The CfC to go to CR cleared the TF, went to HTMLWG, PFWG.
... Comments offered during discussion.
... Same set request for Director's meeting.
... Got notice a formal objection was coming. Don't have specific content.
... Expect to be able to say more next week.

CM: We don't know the objection yet, but is there any evidence that we should expect new information.

JB: We don't know until we have it.

JS: One thing should be clear, at this stage we require new information in order to go back to an earlier stage.
... Probably not worth speculating.

PC: It's clear that the company that feels strongly about this wants to get its ducks in a row.
... It's also clear that the company will need to put together a point-by-point, or offer new data.

JB: I encourage people to stay tuned in August provided we can continue to move this document forward.

Techniques for Providing Useful Text Alternatives

Media Subteam

JS: We have not met.
... Heartbeat publication for UA media requirements is held up.
... Hoping to get it out soon, not a lot of work left.

JB: Yes, I resolved one open question. I think we are ready to go for next Tuesday.

HTML 5.1 Next Steps

JS: I think there are due dates in August, can anyone speak to those?

JF: I believe I have items due, but I am behind schedule.

<MarkS> http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/51wishlist

JS: Can someone walk through the wiki so we can log dates here?

JF: Full transcripts, media descriptions were due for late July, August. Would like at least two weeks.

JS: Let's target late August, early September.

JB: If we're missing 5.1 possibilities, I am worried given that we're still in preliminary stage.

JS: We're not behind until now based on wiki calendar, and we're falling behind in August.

JB: Is there one item John can do in August?

JF: We need to pick up transcript work and media descriptions, but we fell behind.

JS: Regarding missing boat on 5.1, we may discuss writing transcripts as extension specification.
... We are authorized by Plan 2014 if we so choose.

JF: UI widgets...

JS: We did that.

JF: input type numeric was for June 26.

JS: There isn't someone assigned for emotional markup, I'll take that on to find someone.

JF: Haptic output, note with Mark to follow up on time estimates.
... Gaming, Mark was to follow up on that.

JS: When can we get a presentation on this?

IP: I can help on that, just point me to what you're looking for.

CM: With all the interaction methods, they are relevant to a large number of games.
... A large number of games use canvas, some use SVG or other technologies.
... There is a lot to look at, like gamepad API, full screen API, etc. Lots to look at that can apply.

JF: We talked about haptic input, and that may be involved there too.

CM: Yes, it's one of many inputs.

JS: That's a good overview. I'll still send Ian an overview.

JF: Cognitive; follow up with Lisa.
... I know they are getting close to something they may want to present soon to a larger group.
... Referencing UAG with a note for Gene.
... Web payments on Chaals for August 21 action #260.
... Footnotes/endnote/annotations: due date July 10.

MS: I talked to Ivan Herman and Doug S. about possibility of expanding role attribute.

<MarkS> s/Yvonne H./Ivan Herman

JF: According to notes, there was a bug filed.
... There was thinking about moving this into ARIA 1.1.

DM: The big issue to me is getting in and out of footnotes.

JS: Is that a spec or UA issue?

DM: Can we port what they're doing in Daisy to HTML5?

JS: Increasingly Daisy is syncing to ePub, which is syncing to HTML5.

DM: It warrants a special element for a special behavior. Can we get it ported to 5.1?

JB: Isn't that element alread in HTML?

DM: I can check.

JS: On August 28 we're having a joint call with Digital Publishing Interest Group. We can talk to them then.
... Can we associate you with this area?

DM: Yes. I'll be gone last week of August.

CM: I have a question about footnotes. There is a different area of annotations.
... Beyond footnotes (for which, look also at the longdesc discussions which touched on the question), there is also Web Annotation where W3C is looking at starting up a working group - this enables something like backward linking, effectively rebuilding the functionality of rel=rev although about the only point it touches on HTML is probably whether to reinstate rel="rev"….
... Doug S. is following that.

JF: A lot of work in footnotes is around acting on footnotes, much relies on scripting.
... We deal with footnotes a lot, so I can share with you later.

CS: Another thing to look at is ARIA annotations proposal from MS Office.
... It's working its way through the ARIA group.

JF: The final item is Action 261 on Janina and Leonie.

JS: I think we handled that back in July.
... It looks like we have identified a couple areas where no one is identified.
... We have gaming and footnotes assigned. Next calendared presentation is two weeks when we hear from Chaals on web payments.

CS: What are the next steps?

JS: We need some suggestions on concrete next steps for areas that aren't scoped.
... 5.1 goes to LC sometime in 4th quarter.

PC: That's what Plan 2014 says. Don't think WG has public statement besides that.
... Think there are two events that may impact that:
... A workshop/conference (Xxtensible Web Summit? September 11).
... TPAC at end of October?
... This is speculation.

JS: Even if we miss 5.1 there is 5.2 and so on for fixes to minor specificity.

CS: A menu that anyone would be interested in implementing would garner interest.

JS: Any other feedback?

Picture Element Alt http://www.w3.org/html/wg/drafts/html/master/embedded-content.html#an-image-in-a-picture-element

JS: We have proposed language for picture element, from Steve F.
... We should give him our opinion on-list.

Other Business

PC: Can we can an update on where we are for core SVG work?

JS: I know Jason has been actively developing, Rich has first draft of SVG Mappings spec available.

PC: Is there a wiki that gives the status?

JS: No. We held off in anticipation of name changes.

Summary of Action Items

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