Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

15 Jul 2014


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<trackbot> Date: 15 July 2014

<MichaelC> scribe: Wilco

AWK: Thanks EA for joining the TF

Publication update

AWK: have some changes to make to xml
... ready for next week, still on scedual

Discussion of Accessibility Support Database work

SAZ: Through EU project WAI-ACT, we've developed an online tool on Access support

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/accessibility-support/dev/

SAZ: it should be crowd sourced to address scale
... development version is available with dummy data
... Hope this will be a useful tool to tackle accessibility support
... provide information to developers, not an exhaustive database but as much as possible about techniques as they come out
... A lot of people do this on their own website. We want to gather this information
... The data is available through open API, with sufficient data useful for other platforms
... contributing test data is open. Contributed test cases is limited because they need validation

<Joshue> iq?

SAZ: two main functions: Browse results to see if techniques are supported, and for people who want to contribute test results

<Joshue> +q

AWK: You can not suggest test cases

SAZ: We can work on this
... side note: there may still be bugs
... Browse results has filtering options
... for a technique it says how many results there are in the database and how many passed
... a technique can have any number of test cases
... From the results you get into the details of what passed and failed with browsers and AT
... The individual results show contributor name, pass/fail and a comment

AWK: On details for ARIA-1 what means 'none'

SAZ: 'none' could be no assistive technology
... every test case maps to a technique

AWK: How to deal with different Operating systems? IOS different versions or 64bit vs 32bit?

SAZ: You can do a filter on the operating system

Marc: In the details, I don't see the test result

SAZ: This is a bug, lead developer is on vacation

<Joshue> Thanks Marc, I had the same question

SAZ: individual results should come under the matrix

David: Can you say which OS was used?

SAZ: yes
... we're working on deep linking so you can link directly to the result

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/accessibility-support/dev/#/results-technique.html/ARIA1

<AWK> Table results where reads "not tested" is not showing sufficient contrast

SAZ: This could be information for the Accessibility support section in the techniques
... Run test cases: You create a test profile / environment
... with a W3C account you can save profile, with name, user agent, assistive technology, OS and plugins
... It helps you by detecting your browser / OS
... There are plans to test on Safari, but we're running low on time. Focus is on wrapping up the tool

<shadi> https://github.com/w3c/wai-axsdb-web/issues

EA: If you add a profile, back to editing causes a problem

SAZ: Problems can be reported in Github, please do
... in the future you get test cases relevant to your profile. Right now you get all.
... Select test cases you want to run, or select all cases from a technique. This too has filters
... next stage is to run test cases
... test procedure answered with a yes or no question.
... allows you to add a comment. Next step is View test results
... the tool gives you the test file and procedure, and you run the test

David: So if you save test the progress bar goes further
... the progress bar is confusing, I expect it to be running something in the background

SAZ: Maybe instead of a progress bar have it say '2 of 16 completed'

David: I'll put the issue in Github

SAZ: At the end you get the results, you have an opportunity to correct them. You can add a name, prefilled if you're logged in
... Data is currently only stored in the client

Sailesh: So who can contribute test cases?

SAZ: Not everybody can contribute test cases. We have to work out a work flow for test cases, because they need validation. Browse and contribute test results are open.

Sailesh: Maybe I want a summary for a technique, is it supported or not

SAZ: Browse test results gives a summary. But we don't give a yes/no answer about if it's supported. As a user you should determine if this is sufficient for you

Josh: So you can approach this if you want to know about the validation of a technique
... Great stuff

<David> Test : ARIA1_0000063 eqwrgtzui

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/accessibility-support/dev/#/test.html/ARIA1_0000082

David: Some of the 'open test page' links don't open a page

<David> http://www.w3.org/WAI/accessibility-support/dev/#/test.html/ARIA1_0000082

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/accessibility-support/testfiles_dev/WCAG20-ARIA-TECHS/ARIA1_0000082/ARIA1_0000082.html

Shadi: My first link takes you to the test case, the second to the test file

<David> http://www.w3.org/WAI/accessibility-support/dev/#/test.html/ARIA1_0000082 click "open test page"

Shadi: we have until the end of August in the project. We are looking for more interaction with the working group
... Wilco has been working on the test files, particularly aria and html5

SAZ: When you add a test case you can flag if it's a draft or ready or whatever
... You can add a group with access privileges to draft test cases

Katie: Wonderful thing, great idea

<Joshue> WF: I just wondered if we maybe did an update run on the a11y support notes.

<Joshue> SAZ: To see if they are still current?

<Joshue> WF: Yup

Katie: What about pointers once this is completed?

SAZ: We are several steps away from this. I hope this becomes accepted by the community, then this could be useful for the Access support notes

<Zakim> Joshue, you wanted to ask if the submit test case option is active as it didn't work, even when I was logged in with my w3C account

Josh: Can I access the test case creation?

SAZ: I will add the entire WCAG-WG to submit test cases
... I'll leave it to the WG to decide how to follow up on this

<AWK> WCAG can discuss how we may be able to use the Accessibility Support DB in the next week or two

David: We've been hoping for this for about 8 years. It's daunting, thank you for the work.

July 15 Survey: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35422/07152014survey/

<Joshue> action-255?

<trackbot> action-255 -- Jonathan Avila to Will suggest a text change for aria7 at a later time -- due 2014-04-29 -- OPEN

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/track/actions/255

<Joshue> issue-17?

<trackbot> issue-17 -- ARIA 7 has a link to the wrong name calculation <input> rather than <a> -- open

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/track/issues/17

AWK: Everyone is supportive. Jon, you had an issue

Jon: ARIA7 has a link, 'accessible name and descr...'

<AWK> http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20-TECHS/ARIA7.html

<David> Kathlin we are here... http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/track/issues/17

Jon: Points to the main section. David suggested pointing directly to the section dealing with links

<David> +1

Jon: If we update this, then fix both
... Basically two links that point to the same location. We should be clear that it goes to the one reffering to links

<Joshue> trackbot, associate issue-17 with action-255

<trackbot> action-255 (Will suggest a text change for aria7 at a later time) associated with issue-17.

David: Resources are more general

Jon: Proposal is to change the link and the name

AWK: Proposal is to change the description text, and point it to the section for links

RESOLUTION: Proposal accepted as amended, including changing the link in description to point to 6.10

<Joshue> ISSUE-17: Proposal to change the description text including changing the link in description to point to 6.10 [ACCEPTED]

<trackbot> Notes added to ISSUE-17 ARIA 7 has a link to the wrong name calculation <input> rather than <a>.

Josh: A short name may make it less unwieldy

AWK: We may have to do it in all versions

<Ryladog> +1 to David's comment

David: I think best practices are still emerging and we're doing this too early. We should wait on it

AWK: I don't think this technique says only to work for desktop. Opposite, it says that the conformance claim is based on a shared version

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to say this technique is about progressive enhancement, not responsive design

MC: This technique is about responsive design, not progressive enhancement. It's a pretty straight forward technique

Sailesh: The technique has been amended with responses about responsive design
... Perhaps we should use the term 'base line'?

<Joshue> we have some good bass lines in Dublin.. Nice Dub Reggae club off O Connell street

MC: I think rewording is helpful.

Jon: I think the word in the heading is confusing. If we keep 'responsive' we should clarify that it's about progressive enhancement

Josh: So one of the ways to make a page responsive is by progressive enhancement

David: A mobile version may not be accessible at all

<ea_> hmm what about when you make your browser window small on a laptop or desktop - the site has to be responsive with reflow?

<Joshue> +1 to EA

David: My concern is we're sending a message about mobile with this technique

James: it's more an anti-progressive enhancement technique
... The entire technique stems from the WCAG conformance claim. The only way to do this in all environments is with 1 basic version

AWK: Maybe take a poll, are people inclined to think this technique has value?

<Joshue> I think it has value

<Ryladog> I do not think we are ready for it

David: I wouldn't support this

Katie: I don't think we're ready. Maybe if we had input from the mobile TF

<ea_> +1 not sure

Katie: it doesn't seem like we're sure

RESOLUTION: Leave open pending feedback from the Mobile TF

Josh: What are we looking for from them?

David: I was thinking longer term. We are just learning about this
... wait until a draft report on mobile. There is a lot emerging on how to approach things

<Ryladog> +1 to shorter turnaroiund

<Ryladog> +1 to AWK and JO

AWK: Send a message to Mobile TF asking what they think about the technique

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