Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

02 Jul 2014

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Shadi, Luz, Bim, Vivienne, David, Yehya, Justin
Simon, Annika, Giorgio, Markel, Silvia


Symposium Status: Big Data

Shadi: first 3 points in agenda.

Big day is something important in accessibility? Opportunities of big data in Accessibility?

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Big_Data_for_Accessibility

Any interesting articles/person who can imput opotunities on Bida Data and Accessibility?

Big Data vs. Open Big data and separate that from Way finding.

Note Edit Status: Text Customisation

Dave: no updates about text customization.
... We will be working on it this month.


Note Edit Status: Easy to Read

Easy to read, we got a review which Klaus has.

Many readablity issues (too long parapgraphs).

How did that happen? Maybe we (researchers) are used to complicated language. But the audience here will be quite broad so we need to keep in mind the readablity aspects of our reports.

<sloandr> +1 to focus on clarity of writing in all RDWG output

Note Edit Status: User Modeling

Yehya: He has done soem editting on the User Modeling note. Waiting for more comments.

Note Edit Status: eLearning

Yehya: He will let the group know about anyupdates.

Justin: Silvia and him have been working on the eLearnign notw.

<sloandr> yes, we're using the wiki

David and Shawn are usign the wiki for direct editings/

Symposium Status: Way-Finding

Vivienne: the last meeting we had we discussed about the catalog entry.
... We will work on the format of the symposium entries.

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/rdsymposia.html

Shadi: There is already information in the wiki about the symposia pages.

Vivienne: I am concerned about the timeline for the symposium.

Shadi: Who else is working in the field on this topic to include them?
... Meet a researcher (charlotte?) on way finding who might worth to get in touch with.

Vivienne: is contacting people in Australia for applied research.

Shadi: Let keep watchign out for things that can be related to accessible way finding.
... Lets work on research questions a little bit more.

Vivienne: Please put me in touch with any people who work in the area.


Symposium Status: Web-of-Things

Luz: I know Anke Brock. She recently finsihed her PhD in way finding using maps.

"Interactive Maps for Visually Impaired People"

Shadi: There are many efforts on the Web-of-Things, far for mature applications.

eg: better models to address privacy and security.

There is not many effort in accessibility, it seems that heve been forgoten.

Maybe because people did not undestand the relevance of accessibility.

Eg. Data format need to be adapted for accessibility.

Eg: Alternative interfaces (principles of accessibility).

Mature accessibility models (privacy, security).

Another issue in that it was assumed that accessiblity only need to be address in the UI level, and we need to be convincing on the other aspects, such as use cases.

Because use cases might bring things that can be beneficial for other users.

Yehya: We agree with your point, Shadi.

This is one the most urgent areas: it is not a matter of the interface but data and services.

eg: way finding.

Shadi: There is a lot of research on smart homes (strong from the accessiblity point of views).

eg: detect if somebody fall, etc.

Yehya: The are novelties in ambient accessibility

David: Accessility is not asummed to be core when thinking in innovation.

Shadi: Remind people about accessiblity, such as with the web of things.

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/TR/media-accessibility-reqs/

Shadi: this is a collection of use cases for making media accessible.

<sloandr> current draft of Tips for Accessibility-Aware Research: https://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Tips_for_Accessibility-Aware_Research

Shadi: The use case are inspirations because can have a benefits to other users. Interaction between accessitility and improving the experience of everybody else.

Dave: The link was last updated in W4A.

Shadi: Any more ideas?

'Open-Mic' Round-Table Discussion of one of the Topics

Shadi: Any further ideas for this topics?

Yehya mentioned wereables (innotations related to the web of things)

Shadi: We need to keep in mind the cross relation of the topics.

Enjoy ICCHP!

Summary of Action Items

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