DACG Monthly

04 Jun 2014


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danbri, PhilA, +1.516.944.aabb, JeniT, Arnaud, ivan, adler1, tbaker


<PhilA> scribe: ... Now there's a question

<PhilA> scribe: adler1

PhilA: round of how the groups are going

WG updates

danbri: had a WG meeting in London. Divided up work. we haven't had group members jump in to work through the details

arnaud: the working group has decided to go to CR and we've been trying to have a call to go to CR and ask for extra 6 months extension
... this thing called paging that we want to continue working on and not to hold back the main spec we work on that separately
... we are working on a patch format for RDF
... the rec is to use patch but there is no standard patch format for RDF so we are developing one

<PhilA> scribe: PhilA

adler1: We're getting ready to published our UCR at FPWD

PhilA: Probably Tuesday

adler1: We're going through pub steps
... we have sub groups looking at vocabs
... we'll have more use cases to add in
... need to have more connectivity between the use cases. Will need refining
... some members are organising sub groups
... focussing on quality and gran
... Team had gelled well

<scribe> scribe:ad

<scribe> scribe: adler1

PhilA: things are moving on
... RDF validation

RDF Validation

PhilA: we had a workshop at MIT
... we are having some difficulty getting sufficient member support

<tbaker> +1

<danbri> 10-11 September 2013 http://www.w3.org/2012/12/rdf-val/

PhilA: there is a second member submission going through the process
... should be published very soon

<danbri> (revision to http://www.w3.org/Submission/2014/01/ ?)

PhilA: then we will draft a charter

Arnaud: I'm not happy with how things are going
... the only way to judge member support is to put a proposal forward
... process is develop charter and put it before the AC

PhilA: pushing for charter to be put forward

Arnaud: do we have a public mailing list?

<danbri> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-shapes/

Arnaud: people are already using this stuff

<danbri> 'we do have'


scribe: we should have an actual working group launch

PhilA: we will get it going in the next weeks

<Zakim> tbaker, you wanted to ask whether the name is officially still "Resource Shape" and not "Data Shape"

tbaker: renaming datashape

<tbaker> ok - thank you!

PhilA: we are aware and try to fix it


PhilA: we are making a lot of progress

<PhilA> Draft report http://www.w3.org/2014/03/lgd/report

PhilA: workshop back in march report

<PhilA> Draft charter http://www.w3.org/2014/05/geo-charter

PhilA: end result is a draft charter
... we are in active neg to make joint wg
... should be a message to membership on friday
... I'm hoping google will be in
... big geospatial conference in denmark
... please do not tweet until friday afternoon
... what is the boundary between geospatial wg and other LD groups
... and geolocation web api wg
... and front end web developers
... how to get it into people's browsers
... standards body politics
... standards have less value if no one uses them

<PhilA> adler1: You may wish to take a different approach than the norm. You might get participation from some, but you may miss the huge vibrant companies (Leaflet etc.)

<PhilA> ... without their awareness you'll have limited impact

<PhilA> ... may need a different approach

<PhilA> geospatial is such a huge/vibrant segment

PhilA: that is why we are working with OGC


UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: CSV, DWBP, RDF Validation are meeting there
... is anyone else planning anything else in Santa Clara?

<danbri> (re geospatial, it would be good to do a proper obituary on the POI WG work to avoid making same mistakes)

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: we might organize side events
... anyone?

<PhilA> adler1: Describes some of the webinars held by DWBP, planning to organise a f2f meeting with open data publishers in Santa Clara

<PhilA> ... talking to City of Palo Alto etc

<PhilA> ... hoping they'll host us

<PhilA> ... bring in folk from oakland, San Jose etc

<PhilA> ... bring in some ideas from them

<PhilA> ... hoping to reach out to Code for America too

<PhilA> ... want to socialise with the hacker community

<PhilA> ... so hoping they can host something too

PhilA: lots of talks at events
... keynote at semtech
... need really cool stuff to say
... breadth of successes
... please point me to success stories
... solid business cases
... need help with that

<tbaker> what is the working title of your keynote?

capture utilization rates. how widely RDF is being used

scribe: should we build services that use linked data and talk about how they are operated
... should we give guidance

<tbaker> http://semtechbizsj2014.semanticweb.com/sessionPop.cfm?confid=82&proposalid=6667 - Phil's keynote

<PhilA> adler1: W3C's audience is highly specialised. Need to make it easier for everyone. Facilitate more understanding, speed adoption rates

<PhilA> ... so work product isn't a document...

<PhilA> adler1: Resources is an issue. But maybe work with implementation examples, services etc.

PhilA: allowing non specialists to realize the benefits
... any other comments


<JeniT> sounds similar to https://code.google.com/p/linked-data-api/

next meeting is july 16