Canvas Accessibility Sub Group Teleconference

02 Jun 2014

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MarkS, jaymunro, cabanier
Mark Sadecki


<trackbot> Date: 02 June 2014

<scribe> Meeting: Canvas Accessibility Sub-Group

<scribe> scribe: MarkS

Implementation Update

MS: Saw that FF Nightly is supporting drawFocus and Hit Regions

RC: drawFocus will come out from behind flag in about a week.
... Samsung will be adding support for Hit Regions to Blink soon.

<cabanier> jinho.bang@samsung.com

<cabanier> google review: https://codereview.chromium.org/300223009/

RC: jin ho to implement and dominic to review i think

MS: and rio you submitted patches to webkit?

RC: only for draw focus

Future of Canvas Sub Group

MS: The HTML WG Chairs have decided to convert the current sub-group to a Canvas Task Force under the HTML WG. They have requested that we compose a draft scope for the Task Force and to nominate one or more facilitators to be considered by the WG chairs.
... TF participants?
... Jin Ho?
... Jatinder
... Dominic
... Rich S
... we would probably send out a general recruitment email
... I will start preparing a scope document and email it around for feedback.

JM: be great if you could include some information on the role and responsibilities of the TF facilitator

Stabilizing Level 2

MS: the Staff Contacts for HTML were not a fan of stabilizing a level 2 and starting a level 3 for cherry picking.

JM: I think we could work this way.
... not sure what happens if we mark a section has do not change and the WHAT WG spec changes, would we get notified?

MS: I could follow up to see if there is a way we can monitor changes like that

JM: there is a report that highlights changes of interest to canvas editors. would be great if those could still happen even if they didn't land so we could evaluate the changes.

RC: I think we move forward like this.

JM: in the past, we had our own draft, separate from the main repository

MS: we can create heartbeat drafts every 6 months or so
... and mark sections as experimental or under development

JM: brought changes from L1 to L2, Hit Regions to a certain extend and drawFocus.
... Rik, you had mentioned other sections that need to be brought into sync

RC: that was when I thought we would be branching
... i think we need to branch

MS: I think we have to work in master branch

JM: we can just mark sections as experimental

<cabanier> sections of concern: new APIs on Path2D that combine paths and work with text

<cabanier> mention of canvas workers



RC: Mike smith wrote some tests

MS: I'll follow up with Mike to find out what he thinks our testing coverage is

Next Meeting

next meeting is June 16th

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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