Web and TV IG meeting

30 Apr 2014


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Use case submission

Bin: We have started second iteration of the use cases and requirements.
... The deadline is the end of May for use cases.
... At the end of June the use cases will be finalised. The end of May is for use case submission.
... The end of September is the deadline for the requirements and gap analysis.
... This allows for some slippage before the end of the year.

Giuseppe: Please could you send a reminder of this schedule to the list?

Bin: Sure

<scribe> ACTION: Bin to send a reminder of the schedule and process for use cases/requirements and gap analysis [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/04/30-webtv-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-192 - Send a reminder of the schedule and process for use cases/requirements and gap analysis [on Bin Hu - due 2014-05-07].

Bin: Also, we have a TV Control CG established with representatives from about 12 organisations.
... Kaz and Daniel are helping with logistics
... We also have contributions of existing API proposals from other companies and organisations.

Giuseppe: As a reminder to newcomers, Community Groups are groups that are set up to discuss specifications but cannot create standards - Working Groups do that.
... You don't have to be a member of W3C to join Community Groups
... The TV IG will keep in touch with relevant Community Groups to track progress
... Community Groups can create specifications but they are not endorsed by W3C. If they wish, they can send specifications to a W3C working group to put it on a path to standardization.

ATSC liaison letter

Giuseppe: Mark Vickers is not on the call so we'll skip this.
... I'll speak to him separately about drafting a response.

Feedback for DAP WG

Giuseppe: The DAP WG sent a request to us asking about feedback for the Network Service Discovery API
... There has been some discussion on this and I've sent some liaison letters. I haven't received responses yet but if I get any I'll forward them to the DAP WG.

<giuseppe> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-web-and-tv/2014Apr/0025.html

gmandyam: Regarding the ATSC liaison, we'd like to know roughly when the Tuner (TV Control) CG expects to complete its work, because that could effect ATSC 3.0

Giuseppe: I'll work with you and Mark to discuss this.

Next is follow-up to testing

Giuseppe: On the last call we discussed testing and what material is available for W3C testing.
... This discussion is now happening and some questions from the last discussion have been addressed.
... The testing group would be able to help with guidance on how to use W3C tests and testing material.
... We could start with a conference call and see if there's a need for a face-to-face meeting.

So Vang: That seems reasonable to me.

Kaz: Who are we talking with from the testing activity?

Giuseppe: Robin and Tobie should be on the call to help answer questions.

Kaz: Mike Smith is also working on HTML stuff

Giuseppe: You (Kaz) and Daniel should also be involved. We should discuss this then reach out to the testing group to arrange the call.
... If anybody in this call or on the TV IG mailing list is interested, please get in touch. Don't be afraid!

Media accessibility

Kaz: There was some discussion on accessibility at the Munich TV workshop.
... This is in addition to just captioning
... Daniel and I spoke to W3C staff from the accessibility activity
... They agreed we should work on more that just captioning for accessibility
... We should bring our ideas and use cases to the media accessibility task force.
... They can review them and can offer guidance to us. They also have media accessibility guidelines.

ddavis: Mark from the accessibility activity has just joined us.

MarkS: We're excited to help any way we can.
... The media accessibility sub-group can make sure accessibility is addressed.

Giuseppe: The TV IG is not a Working Group so we can't create standards. We're also not working on anything specific right now.
... But it's good to have this channel open and as soon as we start discussing use cases that are relevant we'll ask you to be involved in the discussion.
... We are also discussing non-relevant things, though, such as testing.

MarkS: I was wondering if it's useful to go through the first iteration of use cases. We could provide feedback that could be useful when thinking about the second iteration.

Giuseppe: The first iteration resulted in a TV Control Community Group so maybe it's better to be involved in that CG.
... The other use cases didn't really have any follow-up so maybe it's not that useful to look into that.

MarkS: OK, the TV Control CG sounds like a good place to start.

Giuseppe: I'll let you know where to start.

<scribe> ACTION: Giuseppe to send details of TV Control CG to Mark Sadecki [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/04/30-webtv-minutes.html#action02]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-193 - Send details of tv control cg to mark sadecki [on Giuseppe Pascale - due 2014-05-07].

Zak: We'll keep in touch with Mark as well

Giuseppe: Also if Mark thinks there are things that are missing in our new use cases then it would be good to hear that.

<MarkS> Media Accessibility User Requirements

MarkS: Also, we have media accessibility guidelines. They were started a few years ago but are now mature and very close to completion. It would be good for the group to review these.

Yosuke: At the workshop, David Singer brought up this topic. He told us that the TV industry is pretty good at subtitles/captions thanks to regulations.
... But it's time for us to think about other types of accessibility.
... At the workshop we didn't have time to discuss this further so it would be good to include David in this discussion.
... There are many regional regulations so it's important to consider where to start with this.

Giuseppe: Yes, I'd encourage anybody to submit ideas and contributions.

<yosuke> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-web-and-tv/2014Apr/0079.html

Performance measurement

Yosuke: I just sent a mail to the public list.
... This was proposed by Japanese TV broadcasters.
... The main point is that lessons learned by them is that performance needs to be improved.
... This is hurdle, blocking expansion of TV apps.
... I put a list of potential deliverables.
... We can have a list of benchmarking software used by the industry.
... We could then make a proposal for specific APIs if necessary.
... If we have other interested parties then this Interest Group is the best place to discuss this.
... If not, then the Web Performance Working Group might be better.
... So does anybody on this call have any questions?
... After this call I'll send some ideas and how to proceed with this topic within W3C.
... Then we can start some actual work in two weeks or so.
... Any questions?

Giuseppe: If the broadcasters you mentioned could put together the results of their work then that can indicate what APIs might be missing.

Yosuke: You mean start something in the IG?

Giuseppe: Yes, at least what the issues are or things that are missing.

Kaz: Yosuke, do you want to create a specific task force for this?

Yosuke: No, we don't need to create any more task forces.
... My question is whether to start this discussion in the IG or in the Web Performance WG.

Giuseppe: As this was brought up at the TV workshop then I think the TV IG is best.
... Any information you have collected from Japanese broadcasters could be shared in this IG, for example on the wiki.

Yosuke: So we'll start with collecting some information in this Interest Group and then after that we can expand somewhere else if necessary.

Kaz: Bin has already started to collect the second iteration use cases. You would also like to start discussion on the performance topic.
... In that case, would it be better to have two separate phone calls?

Giuseppe: I don't think there's enough work to discuss this separately. Let's keep everything here.

Yosuke: I don't want to use a conference call at the early stage - just wiki and mailing list because of the timezone differences.
... So we don't need to set up a separate conference call for this (for now).
... I can speak with other stakeholders during these IG calls if necessary, to make them aware of what we're doing.

Kaz: As long as we work together there's no problem.

Giuseppe: Any other comments?

gmandyam: The W3C normally doesn't do minimum performance specs or guidelines. I'm assuming there won't be minimum performance proposals resulting from this.
... Is that correct?

Yosuke: Correct. We're talking about how to measure actual performance of existing environments - not how to impose minimum performance standards.
... But measuring application performance is really important. We'd like to share best practises.
... If we need new APIs for user agents then we'll ask the Web Performance WG to define such APIs.

Giuseppe: There's already a WG working on it but we can say if we think something is missing.

Any other business

Giuseppe: Is there anything else to discuss?

Pierre: How is this group related to community groups? Is there a formal relationship?

Giuseppe: There isn't an official relationship.
... For the media in-band tracks CG it was spontaneous.
... The TV Control CG was created from discussion in this group so we've asked them to keep in touch and report on their progress.
... The relationship is just to let us know what's happening in related community groups.
... Technical work has to happen in CGs or WGs. The only thing we can ask is for community groups to give us an update. Actually, we should do this for the Timed Text CG.
... If you'd like closer communication then it's best to join the CGs.
... The next call will be in 2 weeks. I'll send a reminder in advance. Let me know if you'd like a calendar invite.
... Speak to you in two weeks - meeting adjourned.

<giuseppe> thanks daniel for scribing and sorry for picking you ;)

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Bin to send a reminder of the schedule and process for use cases/requirements and gap analysis [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/04/30-webtv-minutes.html#action01]
[NEW] ACTION: Giuseppe to send details of TV Control CG to Mark Sadecki [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/04/30-webtv-minutes.html#action02]
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