HTML A11y TF Bug triage telecon

16 Apr 2014

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Mark_Sadecki, Léonie_Watson
Adrian, Roselli
Léonie Watson
Léonie Watson




Logged against TF component in Bugzilla without being triaged.

Assigned to Steve Faulkner for follow up.

Bug 13129 http://tinyurl.com/q6bpwdb

Joshue O'Connor is happy for this bug to be closed.

Consensus is to close this bug, and open a new bug against 5.1 to improve table examples in section

Bug 13638 http://tinyurl.com/ocf4bl5

Consensus is to close this bug.

Bug 13733 http://tinyurl.com/ojlw99a

Use case seems valid, although it's an edge case.

No WCAG technique to address the case of an <area> without an href.

Consensus is to move bug to TF component in Bugzilla, Mark to create a test case and Léonie to test for screen reader behaviour.

Bug 23027 http://tinyurl.com/oseegxs

Duplicate agenda item.



Assigned to Chaals. Mark to talk to Chaals, because of similarity to 13590.



Assigned to Steve. No update.

Current bug triage issues


All old bugs for processing have now been triaged again.

Bugs 24642 and 24679 were originally discussed here on 19th Feb. Need to take to TF for discussion.

Bugs still open against 5.0

Still four bugs open under 5.0.

Bugs 13549, 13553 and 13560 assigned to Cynthia Shelly on the TF call of 6th Feb.

Bug 23284 assigned to Chaals on the TF call of 14th Jan.

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