14 Apr 2014


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Alex_L., Jutta_T._(partial)
Jan Richards


<scribe> Scribe: Jan

1. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update

JS: Finally moving...I saw a still buggy version on Friday...
... Prompts people for different ATAG SC
... Allows filtering by level....
... Can filter by different technologies
... e.g. can filter out video
... Then displays test
... IF requires test against wcag....if you want to you can open all wcag SCs
... Does not auto-enter an ATAG score depending on WCAG scores
... So its up to user to enter score manually for that SC
... There is then a display showing the results by all the testers (col=testers, rows=sc)
... Then a display re: whether there are 2 implementations
... Still being debugged...will be delivered to us on Apr 28
... W3C systems team needs to test it for security...
... I think it will be done and ready for testing on May 5

JR: Great!

2. Gathering and building the "Tools and Resources Needed for Testing ATAG 2.0 Success Criteria:"

Web Content Accessibility Test Procedure (Level A, AA, AAA): Tim, Jan

All: discussion of the need for this

JS: There is ability to see checkboxes for every WCAG SC

JR: or at the level of "was wcag met?"
... I will draft a half-pager on "Do I have to fill out all of these WCAG checkboxes?"
... I will talk to JS offline

Platform Accessibility Service Test Procedure: Tom

Tom: Close to being done.
... Couldn't find public materials, so making my own

JS: When do you think you will be done?

Tom: Definitely this week.

Accessible test content file (Level A, AA, AAA)

JR: They need a bit of an intro

JS: Would be good if they could be ready by next week...Apr 21

A selection of separate pieces of content

AC: I should be able to help - I have time on Thursday Apr 17

3. Full test of a tool to verify test procedure.

Judy was concerned about this exercise

JS: So I will be reaching out to all the implementors
... Then will ask volunteer testers for the tools they have experience with
... And will do some matching and timing determination

JR: I will drop this item from next week's agenda

4. Implementation report update (Jan)

JR: No changes to report

Should AUWG meet at the W3C Fall TPAC?

JR: What do people think about meeting at TPAC?

AC: Not sure if I will be able to make it

JS: Tues and Thurs there will be AC meetings
... I will be there for UA working group, who will be Mon Tues
... So ATAG should aim for Thurs or Fri.

JR: Jutta says we should meet
... 30, 31 October

JS: Its the 25th Web anniversary on Wed...should be good

Tom: Not sure I can make it....will check.

JR: When do you need to know?

JS: I have 2 more weeks...please let me know by Apr 21

Next meeting

JR: I'm ok for Apr 21

AC: Am away

JS: On holiday

Tom: Is available

JR: Will talk to Jutta

Summary of Action Items

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