02 Apr 2014


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FEISGILTT and xliff

david giving an update

<dF> http://www.localizationworld.com/lwdub2014/feisgiltt/

david: registration will open this week
... cfp is closed by now
... registration will open 4 April
... topics: two thematic tracks
... one is "XLIFF symposium", 5th symposium
... other track is "content analytics meets localization", chaired by dave + felix
... one day will have 4 separate session. One will be run by LIDER
... felix can say more about the topics
... after lunch will be run as XLIFF TC info sessions
... xliff 2.0, 2.x requirements etc.
... xliff 2.1 is shaping
... consensus coming on what is in 2.1 - two major features:
... ITS mapping will be an official module
... other feature will be advanced validation support
... xliff has many constraints that will be beyond xsd validation
... so there is a need to work on that, felix will do that
... xliff 2.1 will also merge with media type registration template
... 2.x requirements gathering also a topic
... felix + dave thought it would be good to have external participants
... to discuss also how to work with quality related requirements
... another topic would be general requirements gathering
... and general roadmapping

christian: general question about xliff
... I saw the call for comments
... saw one call for dissent
... what is the general timing for xliff 2.0?

david: it is an official committee spec

<dF> SOU

david: this week we will launch a questionnaire for getting statement of use
... you can see these on the public TC archive

christian: will statement of use contain questions about compliance?

david: the questionnaire is pretty detailed
... check boxes for every attribte + element in the spec
... it is very qualified

<Yves_> survey is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XLIFF2SOU (will be modified later today)

leroy: I have an xliff 2.0 compliant application



MT Confidence mapping to XLIFF, see this thread


<Yves_> not much to add to my email

<Yves_> if people could review

<Yves_> the TO REVIEW entries

<Yves_> that would be good

<Yves_> yes

<Yves_> https://www.w3.org/International/its/wiki/XLIFF_2.0_Mapping



<Yves_> so what direction should we take for mtConfidence?

felix: its:mtConfidencePointer

question from Yves: "are we going to have many ITS-only processor looking at XLIFF2 files"

david: think it was good that all mappings were generic for ITS processors
... not sure if there will be many generic processors look at ITS 2.0

felix: so you think the private mapping is no an issue?

david: no problem for XLIFF TC
... general ITS processors is a separate topic

<Yves_> ok

felix: just need to separate ITS - XLIFF namespace from general ITS experimental extensions

<Yves_> We can just state that the ITS to XLIFF is not available for MT Confidence

christian: question related to mt confidence

<Yves_> it should work with quest

christian: how far would be able to cover information generated by quest?

<Yves_> that's my use case :)

<Yves_> no for MT confidence we can use the XLIFF attribute directly


<Yves_> yes

<Yves_> I think it'll work the same

felix: any impact on e.g. ocelot who visualizes mt:confidence in xliff 1.2 ?

<Yves_> they would just get the info from matchQuality

yves' answer above

<Yves_> or mtConfidence if the annotation is directly in the unit (rather than the match)

felix: tool becomes an "ITS + XLIFF" tool?

<Yves_> I guess

<scribe> ACTION: felix to talk to phil about mt confidence, xliff2 and ocelot [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/04/02-i18nits-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-42 - Talk to phil about mt confidence, xliff2 and ocelot [on Felix Sasaki - due 2014-04-09].

schema topic

david: schema for its 2.1


felix: schema is not normative part of ITS

david: no further comments

Issues and proposed features

pablo: no time to move forward on readiness

<scribe> .. pending issues are the same - need to review semantic process list

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: no further update

felix: do you need input from people in the group?

pablo: people to check the text, help with the process list, help to review

felix: any volunteer? please consider helping out

other usual work items

felix encouraging people to contribute as their time permits

<pnietoca> I anybody is interested you can email me and then we could talk about how to distribute the tasks

<pnietoca> I'll try to move forward but this month I was very busy

<Yves_> I'll try to look at it Pablo, but like you I'm a bit busy.

ITS application




<pnietoca> thanks Yves much appreciated :)

multilingual article http://www.multilingual.com/articles/201403-44/

christian: good point in time to thank people on the phone
... what we did was: including information that people provided to us
... e.g. the percentage of improvement came from Pedro



leroy: we will document ITS ontology for falcon
... the linport vocabulary - for workflow with translation documents. We translated that vocabulary into linked data

felix: where will that be made avail?

leroy: should be up in falcon site soon
... in deliverable section

<leroy> http://falcon-project.eu/deliverables

<leroy> more information on falon http://falcon-project.eu/sample-page


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: felix to talk to phil about mt confidence, xliff2 and ocelot [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/04/02-i18nits-minutes.html#action01]
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