18 Mar 2014

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Claude: want to discuss the approach
... keeping the hierarchy as flat as possible
... and then fit stuff into a Clinical Decision Support hierarchy

aabb is neda

Claude: in the top of the hierarchy, there's a notion of an extensible FHIR element
... subclasses are ClinicalDatatype (all FHIR Datatypes) and Resource

ericP: i'm expecting that extensions won't be extremely common in deployed FHIR

Claude: right, and we want the ontology to describe an open world
... ExtensibleFhirElement is a disjoint union of ClinicalDataType and Resource

-> http://www.hl7.org/implement/standards/fhir/datatypes.html FHIR datatypes

ericP: so the non-primative types are 21090 datatypes?

Claude: simplified 21090
... example: Identifier:Label has a type (fhir:string) and a value (a string)
... added IntervalDataType above Period and Range
... Quantity already had children (e.g. Age, Count, Distance...)
... Added RatioDataTypes above Ratio
... you can have different types of ratios
... current Ratio is of quantities

<Claude> cnanjo@gmail.com

SimonLin: how would you represent questionairs?

Claude: Healthy Decisions ontology
... introducing a hierarhcy for DateTime is useful as there are opperations you can perform uniformly across the hierarhcy
... i was trying to get the actual reasoner error
... prob was that i need to utter all kinds of disjoint statements
... so it makes sense that a Practitioner is disjoint from a ValueSet and an Organization.
... when they're also a patient, they get a new identifier
... CDS has a notion of a Person as a Practitioner or Patient

ericP: RIM cost is that you can end up creating on-the-fly participations for every Act
... so querying a particular physician's outcomes is marginally more complex

Claude: FHIR simplified by ending with a Patient or Practitioner
... you can see other specializations of the (non-existent) Person like family member

-> http://www.hl7.org/implement/standards/fhir/patient.html FHIR patient resource

Claude: min cardinalities > 0 are rare in FHIR





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