Forms Working Group Teleconference

26 Feb 2014


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Steven, [IPcaller], ebruchez, Alain


<trackbot> Date: 26 February 2014

<alain> Hello!

<alain> Yes, it surely should!

OK. I was getting an error yesterday, must have been my fault. I'll try again.

<alain> I think that copy is not yet supported...


That will be it

I'm getting an xforms-binding-exception

Announcements etc

Declarative Web Applications Video



Editorial notes currently in the spec


Steven: Thanks for doing this. We have to discuss #6

Erik: XPath 2 has types, so will be more likely to cause exceptions


Erik: The MIPS functions should be integrated in the dependency graph, but aren't yet, so nobody depends on it so far.
... It's harder with a calculate
... is it just enough to try things in the order they appear?
... either in document order, or by smart analysis
... The problem in XForms is that we don't have a proscribed dependency graph.
... s/pro/pre/
... does it make sense to retry at the next recalculate?
... would this give inconsistent results?

Steven: It's not impossible to leave an editorial note in a lasct call document.

Erik: Maybe we can persuade someone to do the analysis.
... but we can reword the note asking for feedback

Steven: Let's do that

Erik: I can do that.

Steven: Any other discussion on the editorial notes?

Erik: There is the list of differences

Steven: That's my job

Introduction (draft)


Steven: I've worked in everybody's comments, thanks.
... I will put it in the wiki this week.

Progress to LC

Steven: I need to contact Nick to help with the running of the conversion software. That will happen this week too.


Summary of Action Items

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