Forms Working Group Teleconference

29 Jan 2014


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Steven_, ebruchez, [IPcaller], pfennell


<trackbot> Date: 29 January 2014

<pfennell> I will join the call shortly.


Steven: I'm talking at a scientific meeting this week, and showing a demo of a mapping app.
... I'm in discussions with a Dutch ministry about getting XForms recognised as an official standard for use by the government
... progress is good.

xslt translator from adobe's xfa to xform?


Philip: I've certainly never seen XFA before

Steven: Jetform used to be in the WG; I think they got bought by Adobe

Philip: In the past I have transformed XForms to other forms, but not with XFA

Steven: I might just reply and say we can't help

<ebruchez> http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/xml/xfa_spec_2_5.pdf

Erik: XFA has a spec and it is XML, so there should be a way to do what he wants.

Steven: It's probably goping to have to be his own hard work

Philip: It's not as declarative as XForms, so there might be a limit to what you can transform.

Steven: I'll reply to say we can't help.

ACTION-1964 - Take over nick's action to change the events for



Erik: Not much to say.
... some events are cancellable, and some not.
... I added two extra events int he right place
... the events are in the dialog module

Steven: Thanks.

Progress to LC

Steven: I didn't get my action item done this week.
... I have to rewrite the intro, and install Nick's conversion software.
... I plan sincerely to do that this week.


All: nothing.

Steven: Adjourned.

Summary of Action Items

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