27 Jan 2014


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Jan, Jeanne, Jutta, Tim_Boland
Alastair_C., Tim_B._(partial), Alex_L.
Jutta Treviranus


2. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update

JS: MC has finished adding the ATAG layer but needs to ensure W3C security policies are met
... No ETA yet

1. Review of UAAG 2.0 Last Call

JT: We could assign someone...

JR: I'm on the UAWG group

JS: I'm staff contact on that group
... Should review ATAG reference section

JR: I could create msg pointing people to UAAG sections

TB: I'm swamped at the moment

JR: I will do this

JS: The deadline is this Friday Jan 31
... If we knew it was coming, we could grant an extension
... Just send email to Jim A, Kelly F, Jeanne S with date

JT: Can you please relay that info

JS: Yes

2. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update

JT: JS already updated us above...there will be an email blast to the community asking for people to test
... On w3c site, lists, etc.
... Stressing importance of ATAG

3. Gathering and building the SEVEN "Tools and Resources Needed for Testing ATAG 2.0 Success Criteria:"

JT: Volunteers?


JR: I can help with 4, 5

TB: Maybe I can 1, would like to discuss offline

JR: Web evaluation methodology?

TB: There is a new versions

JR: If we can grab something already made.
... is it realistic?

TB: I can look at it

JR: Jeanne?

JS: I hate to say I'll do it...
... I'll be working on test harness

TB: Donated tests

JR: I will look into it
... Deque, WebAIM, Gunderson's group, AChecker

JT: Wondering if some could be assigned to students

JR: 2. Platform Accessibility Service Test Procedure... would be a very nice project (all desktop and mobile OS's)

4. The group will cooperate on a full test of a tool to get a sanity check on our testing procedure

JR: Need tools first

5. Implementation report update (Jan)

JR: No update

6. Re-chartering update

JS: Judy still working on it.

7. Other issues?

TB: Who's going to CSUN
... I'm going...will talk abnout wcag scoring methodology

JS: Will be there talking about atag

Summary of Action Items

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