Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

15 Jan 2014

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Shadi, Simon, Vivienne, David, Klaus, Annika, Gerardo, Justin, Peter, Markku
Giorgio, Silvia, Luz, Kerstin


E-Learning Symposium DeBrief http://goo.gl/bbjL92

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Step-by-Step_Guide_for_Symposium_Chairs/Editors

sharper: What were the impressions of the organisers? What are the nexts steps?

Justin_Brown: The symposium went well. Phone conntections were an issues.
... Consider to hold a "dress rehearsal" next time.
... Shadi provided the transcript. It will be put into accessible html.
... The next step is to start on the research report.

sharper: Do you have any inout on the guide for symposia on the wiki?

Justin_Brown: A step by step guide could be helpful. Currently the information is in many different pages.

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sharper: Are there further comments on the symposium?

shadi: It was a great symposium. Thanks to Silva and Justin.
... People stayed for the whole 2.5 hours -- and returned after the break.
... One issue: the timeline was very short. We did not manage to get leaders in the field of e-learning to participate.
... In the further, we need to think about strategies to get such people involved in the symposiums (as contributors and/or audience).
... The coverage (geographical and by topic) was very good.

sharper: Yes, that should be added to the step-by-step guide. How to invite more experts in the field to contribute.

davidsloan: Agree with shadi.
... We could still approach people who did not participate in the symposium to contribute to the research note.
... We need a list of people who should be involved.

sharper: Who do you have in mind?

Justin_Brown: There are a couple of people who said they were too busy.
... The questions is how useful the input to the research note is going to be?

Easy to Read W3C Note Finalised

klaus: There is not much to report. We are still working on the finalisation. Plan is to finish next week.
... We want to make sure that all comments are addressed.

<sharper> ACTION: klaus to Easy to Read W3C Note Finalised [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2014/01/15-rd-minutes.html#action05]

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User Modelling W3C Note Survey http://goo.gl/25nl1u

sharper: I sent out a reminder about the survey last week. There are four responses so far.
... There will be another reminder.

Vivienne: Is it possible to continued / update the survey answers?

shadi: yes, you can edit your responses and resubmit.

Vivienne: Ok, I started to work on the grammatical issues in the text. Will continue.

shadi: Thanks Vivienne. Your help is much appreciated.

sharper: yehya and cristos are not here. So we'll have to wait for further updates next week.

ACTION-38: 'create text for flyer' http://goo.gl/mLjcV1

sharper: not done yet.
... Started talking to Judy Brewer.
... Any more input?

shadi: The WAI coordination group was suprised about the idea of creating a flyer.
... It is very important for the RDWG.
... But there are also other ways of reaching out to researchers etc.
... May need to explain more before we go ahead.

STANDING - Issues and Actions http://goo.gl/Z7XY3Y

sharper: What are the plans for the next symposia?

mhakkinen: I started updating the plans on the wiki.

sharper: any other issues?

davidsloan: The Paciello Group became a member of W3C.
... There was a question about the involvement of the RDWG in the Cognitive accessibility task force. Is anyone from the group involved?

<davidsloan> cognitive and learning disability task force: http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/

shadi: This question should go to the WAI coordination group.
... RDWG should make sure that the research notes on Easy-to-read and text customization are use as input to the task force.
... There might also be topics for new symposia.
... The task force is working on a road map. We should try to start a dialogue.

davidsloan: Agree that the research notes are important input.

shadi: RDWG should keep an eye on the task force.

sharper: good idea.

Vivienne: We wanted to do a survey about (...)?
... When will this be send out?

sharper: After the end of the user modelling survey.
... please, remember to complete the survey until the 18th.

Summary of Action Items

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[End of minutes]

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