The Thematic Network

Share-PSI 2.0 is a Thematic Network, as opposed to a research project, and is designed to bring people together to discuss common problems arising from their existing work, not necessarily to develop new work itself. It's a place where a wide range of people working on similar projects can benefit from each other's experience.

In each of the workshops, several of the partners will present case studies – that is, details of projects they are working on or have completed. Many of these will be success stories (everyone likes to talk about their successes) but just as valuable in this context will be some stories where, despite best efforts, the results have not been as planned… and so we can think about why that might be the case.

The network comprises:

  • 3 standards bodies
  • 15 government departments, both national and local;
  • 17 academic institutions involved directly in public sector information dissemination and usage;
  • 8 commercial bodies from micro-companies to enterprise;
  • 4 organisations that one might think of as citizen engagement bodies and open data advocates.

It is this rich pool of knowledge and experience that comes together in Share-PSI 2.0.

A full list of partners and the latest progress report provide more detail of the project.

Modern Web browsers will show a map of the countries covered by Share-PSI (source).