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Guides to Implementation of the (Revised) PSI Directive in Slovenia

The Manual of Opening of PSI of the Ministry of Public Administration of Slovenia has been developed in close cooperation with the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia that has numerous experiences in projects concerning open data, primarily geolocation data. The manual has been intended as a guidance to public sector bodies on how to open up their PSI and covers various topics such as: definition of the PSI, definition of a dataset, principles of open data, open licences, metadata, a catalogue of PSI, national open data portal etc. The manual was developed in cooperation with the interested stakeholders, such as non-government organisations; the public consultation was held in May 2016. The manual has been promoted in line with the upgrade of the Slovenian national open data portal and will be used also in the scope of the open data seminars planned by the Ministry of Public Administration in the following months.

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Priročnik za odpiranje podatkov javnega sektorja
Manual for the opening of public sector information
Language: SL
Applies to: Slovenia
Access: Landing page Download (PDF)
Date: 2016-06
Creator: Ministry of Public Administration
Provenance: This guide was created by, or with the direct involvement of, the relevant Share-PSI partner(s), during the project.

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