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Guides to Implementation of the (Revised) PSI Directive in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic local guidelines for publication of data held by the public sector bodies for re-use are represented by the Czech standards for publication and cataloguing of open government data that are being developed and maintained by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. These standards explain the concept of Open Government Data and provide the public sector bodies with the recommended process for opening up data. This process is split into the following phases:

Reference open data publication plans for public sector bodies at various levels of public sector in the Czech Republic have been prepared that contain datasets that could be considered for publication together with the recommended schemata and metadata templates. Czech standards also provide information about the available tools and offered training.

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Standardy publikace a katalogizace otevřených dat veřejné správy ČR
Open Data Standards
Language: CS
Applies to: Czech Republic
Access: Home page
Date: 2016
Creator: Michal Kuban for the Czech government
Provenance: This guide was created by, or with the direct involvement of, the relevant Share-PSI partner(s), during the project.

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