W3C 2013 AC Meeting

W3C Site Redesign

Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>

June 2013, Tokyo, Japan

w3.org: our most important marketing and communications asset

Millions of hits daily; 10s of thousands of page views.

Most recent redesign: 5 years ago (2008)

Today's home page


Much has changed since 2008

Questions in light of these changes

Where we are looking for answers

Goals for a Redesigned Site

We want a kick-ass, award winning site.

Project phases


Related Work

Current CG/BG site


Sneak peak at new CG/BG site


These improvements align with survey suggestions.

Site Redesign Task Force work so far

Summary of Findings

Survey: Who responded

More than 250 people, primarily self-identified as:

20% of respondents work for a W3C Member. Member site questions only shown to them.

Survey: Involvement in W3C Groups

More than 250 responses:

Survey: Home page

Here and following, numbers in parentheses are responses.

Logs: Top links from home page

Survey: Requests for home page changes (56)

Survey: Why do you visit the site? (143)

Logs: Top URIs originating elsewhere than w3.org

Note: Systems Team has said there are lots of bots hitting our site; DTD downloads, and various other noise.

Search: Top seach terms

Survey: What have you had difficulty finding? (41)

Survey: Technical Report Context

Survey: Site index

Logs: Top links from site index

Survey: Group pages

Survey: Member site


Next steps