The evolution of the eGov Core Vocabularies and ADMS

SEMIC 2013
21 June 2013

Phil Archer <>


The Active Members of the GLD WG

Joao Paulo Almeida Martín Álvarez Ghislain Auguste Atemezing Hadley Beeman Richard Cyganiak Makx Dekkers John Erickson Christophe Gueret Sandro Hawke Bernadette Hyland Deirdre Lee Fadi Maali James McKinney Marios Meimaris Dave Reynolds Gofran Shukair Biplav Srivastava Bart van Leeuwen Boris Villazón-Terrazas

The Organization Ontology

Class diagram for ORG

The Registered Organization Vocabulary

RegOrg class diagram

Changes from Core Business Vocabulary


Class diagram for DCAT


class diagram for ADMS

Changes to ADMS from ISA Programme Original


In the hands of the Location & Addresses Community Group, chaired by Andrea Perego and Michael Lutz from the JRC

Some interest, seeing use of the address aspects, but limited progress

New activity within W3C and JRC, lots of good communication, expect 1 or 2 workshops in the new year

Watch out for new SmartOpenData project beginning November




Core Public Service

Future Vocabularies at W3C

Learned from this process and development process

New emphasis on availability of namespace

Community Group → may use namespace, guarantees of persistence etc.

Review by vocabulary expert group

Renewed effort for multilingual labels



RegOrg (ORG)

Locations & Addresses CG

W3C Vocabulary Services

Phil Archer <>