16 Dec 2013


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Jeanne, TomB, Jan, Alex
Jutta_T., Cherie_E., Tim_B.
Jan Richards


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1. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update (Jeanne and Jan)

<Jan> JS: I don't have much of a change from last week...

<Jan> JS: When I reported that Michael C is updating the WCAG test harness for ATAG...I am meeting him tomorrow

<Jan> JS: Also I received several contacts from potential testers

<Jan> JS: No ETA yet on the test harness

2. Implementation report update (Jan

<Jan> JR: Updated to reflect changed wording in CR http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-au/2013OctDec/0043.html

JR: The newest report is updated to reflect changed wording in CR
... I haven't added new tools in a while. If you know of any tools, including tools that have b een updated, please let Jan know

3. Re-chartering update

<Jan> JS: Not sure what's happening with this.

4. Other issues?

<Jan> JS: One of the people I was emailing last week is from Drupal...

<Jan> JS: They are interested in being an ATAG2 implementation

<Jan> JS: I asked about aGov implementation...

<Jan> JS: But they said that's Drupal 7 and they want to do Drupal 8

<Jan> JR: I think our process can handle that

Future meeting dates

<Jan> JR: Next meeting January 6, 2014.

<Jan> JR: The year that ATAG 2.0 becomes a full recommendation :)

Summary of Action Items

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