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11 Dec 2013


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<trackbot> Date: 11 December 2013

<nvdbleek> hi

ACTION-1959 - Propose how to fix the implicit model identification

with context nodes


Steven: Thanks for doing this Erik.
... "the logic for nested model switching remains


Erik: We have discussed this in the past.
... but not resolved it.
... we don't need to fix it right now, it is not a new problem
... for actions I have modified the text to make it independent of the context node
... in short, the solution is to use @model

Steven: You don't have to always use @model

Erik: No
... for instance rebuild used to use the context node
... now you use an ancestor element
... it is now statically determined

Steven: This is after all a corner case, multiple models aren't used often
... this doesn't break interoperability in general

Erik: Right
... and it simplifies the spec

Steven: So what is not solved?

Erik: The new spec fixes references to the context node
... but doesn't address the more general case of determining the context item.

Steven: What happens now if @bind is used? Does anything break? Do we say what happens?

Erik: The spec has never said anything about that
... if you use @bind now in those actions, it will be ignored.

<ebruchez> <group model="model1"><group bind="bind-in-model2"><rebuild/>

<ebruchez> the rebuild action refers to model1, not model2

<ebruchez> <group model="model1"><group ref="$var-dynamically-pointing-to-node-in-model2"><rebuild/>

<nvdbleek> from section 3.3.3 Binding Attributes: 'It is an error (The xforms-binding-error Event) if the XForms Processor encounters a bind attribute IDREF value that refers to an ID not on a bind element.'

Steven: Does rebuild have a model attribute?

Erik: Yes, it is in Common

<nvdbleek> so I think I was wrong, and that you can refer binds outside the current model and therefore switch models with bind attributes

Erik: It is weird that you refer to a bind by ID
... we should have a more contextual method
... global IDs are a annnoyance
... no scoping

Steven: I think using IDs as we did was a mistake in retrospect, but we didn't foresee the problems. We though we were being good citizens.
... So you can change models using a bind

Nick: Does Orbeon support it?

s/s s/sn s/

Erik: Yes we do.
... Yes we do.

<nvdbleek> <xf:bind id="l1" ..> <xf:bind id="l2" .. > <xf:bind id="l3"> </xf:bind> </xf:bind></xf:bind>

<nvdbleek> <xf:group bind="l1"> <xf:group bind="l3">

Steven: What happens in a case like <group model="model1"><group ref="$var-dynamically-pointing-to-node-in-model2"><rebuild/>

<nvdbleek> <xf:group bind="l3"> <xf:group bind="l1">

Steven: when the ref switches model. Will there be confusing cases?

Erik: Either solution has advantages and disadvantages.
... I am not sure what anyone would expect.
... I am not sure there is an 'natural' way

Steven: So it only occurs on actions that don't 'naturally' have a @ref

Erik: Right, rebuild, etc. Refresh.

Steven: It sounds like we should just say this is a feature.

Coming meetings

[no link]

Steven: I can't be here next week, and then it is the holiday break
... so our next call is on the 8th.

Nick: I can't be here next week either.

Steven: So speak on the 8th. Good Xmas!


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