Web Cryptography Working Group Teleconference

02 Dec 2013

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<wseltzer> trackbot, prepare teleconf

<trackbot> Date: 02 December 2013

<jyates> When I try to call in, using the normal code, it says that the conference is restricted at this time.

<jyates> Is there a new code?

<virginie> hello web crypto wg :)

<mountie> 26632#

<hhalpin> We might want to change the time *back* if no one is going to make the call at this hour

<hhalpin> Note that W3C Process does not have a clear way for decisions to be made via mailing lists, so we could come as close as possible to a decision on the phone, and then formally make decision on the call.

<markw> agenda item proposal: attributes for JWK

<wseltzer> [we can do decisions via calls for objections via email]

<markw> https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=23796 (for my agenda item proposal)

<hhalpin> Nick?

<wseltzer> scribenick: nvdbleek

<scribe> TOPIC : web crypto APIs (timing for LC) [from virginie]

<hhalpin> Being "overloaded" generally means a co-editor is needed.

virginie: Ryan is overloaded so we nee to defer

<hhalpin> Markw - can you discuss?

<markw> not yet

virginie: markw you have been helping Ryan?
... So you haven't started yet markw?

hhalpin: As it looks like Ryan is overloaded, maybe MarkW can do the editing

markw: Didn't talk to Ryan yet
... I will be happy with markw being co-editor if it is OK with Ryan

virginie: So lets talk with Ryan
... mete also volunteered to help

attributes for JWK

<virginie> https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=23796

virginie: Why does it need to be discussed now?

markw: I made a proposal that is discussed on the list and the FtF
... I made a revision to address the comments
... I hope that the current silence means that everybody is OK with the proposal

<hhalpin> It sounds very reasonable to me

virginie: Any comments on the proposal?

<hhalpin> We'll need to be able to represent WebCrypto keys correctly in JWK obviously

<hhalpin> and if JOSE WG can't do this in the core, then we have to do it in a registry

virginie: Apparently no comments
... Maybe we could give a last chance to comment on the mailing list

markw: OK

virginie: I need to check on how this table is made

hhalpin: Why does the core JWK wants us to ???

markw: we will register the extra properties in the IANA registry of JOSE

hhalpin: I would propose mark asks it to add it to the IANA registry of JOSE because it takes time

<hhalpin> Kare - we do we expect the IANA registry to ready to roll?

markw: The registry isn't there yet, they first going to add a section in there document

???: Adding something to an IANA registry is not time consuming

<hhalpin> My experience as regards things taking a while normally comes from the media-type registration process.

virginie: Mark can you send a last mail on the list for a call on consensus?
... hhalpin or wseltzer what do you think?

hhalpin: I don't see why we need to do another call, because there are no objections

virginie: OK we will go forward with the proposal

<virginie> http://www.w3.org/2012/webcrypto/wiki/WG_Future_Work


wseltzer: The main work of the WG is to finalise the API, but also to discuss future work

virginie: There is a wiki page for future work http://www.w3.org/2012/webcrypto/wiki/WG_Future_Work
... goes over the topics
... Is there any news on the workshop for hardware tokens

we also have interest

<hhalpin> So workshops take about 3-4 month lead time.

hhalpin: W3C is interested, but the spring is already full, so summer or fall

<hhalpin> Just to be clear on timing

hhalpin: So future work will be only available fall the earliest or winter

<Anders> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webcrypto-comments/2013Nov/0006.html

<hhalpin> Mountie?

mountie: Is there any schedule for the workshop

<hhalpin> the workshop would happen in summer at earlist, fall at latest

virginie: Mountie there is no schedule yet
... The supporters should help hhalpin and wseltzer

<hhalpin> Workshops tend to go 30-70

<hhalpin> We generally need 1-2 sponsors to cover costs

virginie: If there are no more topics we can close the call

<hhalpin> I propose that we try this time for our next call, and if we still get low attendance we move back to the previous time.

virginie: You should send your agenda items before Friday to put them on the agenda
... We don't know if people didn't turned up due to the agenda or the time

mountie: For rechartering work what is the link with the wiki?

virginie: I don't think most of the topics require rechartering, only the hardware token may require rechartering

<mete> by hardware token we mean all the hardware related integrations right ? smart card etc.

<hhalpin> thanks!

<virginie> bye

virginie: We close the call, talk to you in two weeks

Summary of Action Items

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