02 Dec 2013


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jeanne, Jan, Alastair, +1.703.678.aaaa, Greg, Jutta
Tim_B., Alex_L.
Jutta Treviranus


<scribe> scribe: Jan

<scribe> Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-au/2013OctDec/0036.html

1. Candidate Recommendation (CR) process update (Jeanne and Jan)

JT: Testing setup progress?

JS: Not much progress due to short week last week...trying schedule time with MC

JT: Are we dependent on that?
... We also need to update tests to reflect CR text

JS: Yes, that can be done independent

JT: So yes we can update things in parallel?

JS: Yes

JT: Can any of that work be delegated?

JR: I should take first pass?
... Then someone else can double check

JT: Maybe Tim?

JR: Sounds good to me,.

JT: Anything else to mention re testing, CR?

2. Implementation report update (Jan)


JR: AAA is always needed
... Also for big tools - Drupal, Wordpress we need reference implementations
... Jeanne raised possibility of Drupal run by Govt of Australia...though back-end may be an issue

JT: re: Moodle ... Open University version... custom built

JR: We should decide what to do sinc emain trunk is not accessible

JT: We should be clear about what it is...plus they have a roadmap for contributing back

JS: Since we are just trying to show implmentation...ok to look at custom builds as long as we clearly explain that

<Alastairc> \me we can put up some vanilla implementations of Wordpress/Drupal for comparison, if that helps

JR: Sounds good if it is in use by a govt or university...as long as we stay away from "toy implementations"

JT: What else are we missing?

JS: Still looking for sample developing tool
... Maybe can move DreamWeaver over there?

JT: Maybe not...if we are taling more about libraries, etc.
... Another idea is sugar labs development...interested in accessible programming environment

JR: MS Visual Studio...

JT: Google GWT, Fluid

JS: IBM...

JR: iOS programming environment...XCode

AC: You can download XCode for free, but some other parts, including the accessibility inspector re: being a paid-up apple developer

JS: If that is something we want to test, I can pursue our Apple W3C AC rep

JT: Good idea

JR: +1

JS: I will pursue access to the accessibility inspector for Xcode

JT: Anything else?

All: None heard

3. Re-chartering update

JS: No news
... Would like to decide which meeetings we will have and which will be cancelled....

JT: In Dec. 16, 23, 30...
... Assume we don't want to work on 23, 30
... Then back on Jan. 6
... So the meeting will be Dec 9, 16, Jan 6.

Summary of Action Items

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