Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

20 Nov 2013

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Vivienne, Simon, Yehya, Peter, Shadi, Klaus, Annika, Justin
Markel, Yeliz, David, Silvia


E-Learning Symposium Progress http://goo.gl/bbjL92

SH: e-learning symposium first

Justin: we have got 7 - 8 papers

SAZ: the reviewer should start reviewing

<silvia_mirri> After the meeting I'm going to assign papers to reviewers

Accreditation of Websites Template http://goo.gl/OACzpz

SH: this a template for accessibility accreditation

<sharper_> http://goo.gl/OACzpz

<Vivienne> its fine. You have to scroll down to the link to the template

Klaus: we shoudl keep it readable and managable
... author and co-author are there. Not sure if we shoudl give refrence to RDWG groupe
... if this is okay, we can start then start defining examples filing the template

<shadi> +1 -- author is RDWG

Vivienne: the template is helpful. may be te editor(s) instead of the author

<shadi> [contact could be RDWG list too]

contact: road map and goal may be the same. We should think about merging the two

SAZ: I agree the author is RDWG, so add editor(s). Contact to RDWG
... change problem to challenges. road map is too loaded word, Merge goals and road map to future directions

<Justin> +1


<Vivienne> +1

<klaus> +1

<Peter_Thiessen> +1

<sharper_> +1

<Peter_Thiessen> (Agree with Shadi's comments also)

<annika> +1

<shadi> +1

<klaus> +1

<Vivienne> and take out the wording for 'road map'

<Justin> +1

<sharper_> +1

<annika> +1

<Vivienne> +1


<sharper_> RESOLVED: change problem to challenges. road map is too loaded word, Merge goals and road map to future directions

<silvia_mirri> +1

<sharper_> RESOLVED: Change Authors to Editors

<Vivienne> sure will do

<klaus> yes!

Accreditation of Websites http://goo.gl/MLs83m

<sharper_> http://goo.gl/MLs83m

<sharper_> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2013Nov/0035.html

<sharper_> http://goo.gl/oi81LD

Vivienne: I have done a summary, I am wondering about the links I got, where to put them. I can put as well David's comment sent today

<klaus> sorry but have to leave early today to catch a train - bye

SH: you need feedback on the length and content. I suggest to send a survey to the groupe

Vivienne: I want to make some canges beyond the resolution we made last time

SAZ: This a write up of the discussion. What is the intent, I tink it was to create a catalouge item

SH: the summerisation is the result which is useful for future work, but not te full transcript

SAZ: we are using this topic to learn.
... the discssion helps to create the catalouge item(s). We should not refer to the discussion telco we had in September
... We should try to look to te broader work and not to the discussion, which has no stand in W3C means

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to talk about referencing the discussion rather than making it the center piece and to react on "ivory tower" statement

Annika: agree to Shadi's comment. We should get rid of the style of meeting's minutes

SH: if we do not tell about the discussion could confuse people

Vivienne: I conclude I will rewrite the item. This will be public and everybody can contribute. I make it as a sumary of a topic rather than a discussion/ meeting

SAZ: I agree it should be short. The language is earher narrative, it should be cleaned up with short sentences / pargraphs

Vivienne: The summary will refelct the groupe consensus

SAZ: phone calls is an instruments to create common understanding within the group

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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